VIDEO: HGK publishes recordings of trainings for the implementation of the new Law on Provision of Services in Tourism

first_imgGreat positive interest was caused by the trainings on the application of the new Law on the provision of services in tourism, which are held in the organization of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and which were very well attended.Due to the great interest and those who could not attend the trainings, HGK published on its YouTube channel recordings of trainings for the implementation of the new Law on Provision of Services in Tourism, which is certainly a move for praise because without training there is no quality and strategic growth.You can watch the recordings of trainings for the application of the new Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism HERERelated news:HGK: EDUCATION ON PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION (GDPR REGULATION) IN THE TOURIST SECTORlast_img read more

Croatia won the First Walking Festival

first_imgLess than a month remains until an important sporting event that will be held for the first time in Croatia, in Lika-Senj County. On the first and second of September, organized by the Tourist Board of Lika-Senj County, it will be held The first Croatian walking festival. It is a big event for the whole of Croatia because Festivals of this type are an exceptional trend in the world, and in addition to popularity, they are also adorned with mass because walking is an activity that is gaining in importance and professionalism. That is why some of the world’s festivals gather up to fifty thousand walkers.The first Croatian Walking Festival will be held in Gospić and Otočac, with each city providing two routes – shorter and longer.The first of September is reserved for Gospić, where all registered “walkers” will master two trails of 23 and 30 kilometers, symbolically called Tesla. After that, on September 18, the event moves to Otočac on the trail named Gacka – a shorter trail of 34 km and the longest and most demanding trail of XNUMX km.”The goal of the project is, of course, with the promotion of Lika, the promotion of active tourism and active lifestyle, to which we place a strong emphasis in our county. We have placed the project in the cities of Gospić and Otočac, which meet all the criteria of this type of Festival. We are all extremely motivated to put Croatia on the world map of the leading Walking Festivals, and our Croatian will surely become traditional. We invite everyone to sign up and enjoy a two-day holiday of health, sports and entertainment. ” Ivan Radošević, director of the LSŽ Tourist BoardThe benefits of professional as well as recreational walking are numerous, and one of the most famous facts is that with every minute you spend walking, you can extend your life by one and a half to two minutes! It is an excellent motive for all those who want to do something good for their health, but also have a good time and enjoy the untouched nature, to become participants in the First Croatian Walking Festival.The deadline for applications is August 28, and look for more information on the official web sitelast_img read more

Project “Tastes of Croatian tradition – Tastes of Bjelovar-Bilogora region” presented

first_imgThis year, the Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board applied for the project “Tastes of Croatian Tradition – Tastes of the Bjelovar-Bilogora Region” according to the CNTB, which was approved and co-financed by the CNTB with HRK 40. The project is aimed at improving the offer of traditional dishes and drinks in restaurants and is another form of expanding the offer in the field of eno-gastronomy.Thus, catering establishments that are interested in inclusion in the project “Tastes of Bjelovar-Bilogora region” must have a daily offer of at least two local traditional dishes and six drinks, of which at least four types of wine and which valued through 5 categories (food, service, beverages , ambience, environment) meet the conditions. Thus, in the end, the catering facilities that enter the project will be marked by the award of the Tastes standard – that is, a board that is placed at the entrance to the facility. For each caterer, a production of two seasonal menus is then prepared, spring-summer and autumn-winter, in the Croatian and English language versions.”Lately, eno-gastronomy is also very important. We have adapted a lot to that. We have been using traditional food from family farms from local areas since ancient times. This is a very inexhaustible topic in our region, especially since today’s young modern woman does not have time to cook in the traditional way. We prepare meals in the traditional way in our bar, which has been operating for 50 years. Not only are there two dishes but there are more that are offered daily. We are working on it, we are trying, there are positive developments. In the last year, it has been noticed that people are increasingly clinging to what they eat. This project is a very good idea. The future of everything is association, not only association in food procurement but also association of us caterers. So, related to themed dishes, seasonal dishes. We cannot function alone, we must unite. “, said Danijela Crnjak Andri, owner of the restaurant Kod bake.About the potential of the Bjelovar-Bilogora region, project manager Borislav Šimenc says: “ I have to say it has tremendous potential. In the preparation of the project in this area, we visited about twenty restaurants and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the level of service, arrangement of the facility and the offer of traditional food. This is the tenth county to be included, 106 restaurants in more than half of Croatia today carry the standard Tastes of Tradition. These standards are just a different sub-sign. The experiences are extremely good, the caterers are satisfied. I can say that their thinking that this is one of the better, if not the best projects offered to them to participate in this story and to which they have a concrete impact through increased sales, is greater guest attendance, especially in those environments where we have already started. with additional content, the development of new tourist products and this is immediately reflected in their work, and it is most important that they are satisfied. “, emphasized the project manager Šimenc.By the end of August this year, according to the national eVisitor system in Bjelovar-Bilogora County, there were 24% more arrivals and 28% more overnight stays compared to the same period last year. The Tastes of Croatian Tradition project is being implemented in cooperation with county and local tourist boards in order to develop new tourist products and enrich the tourist offer.last_img read more

The first Google ‘Sea View’ virtual tour in Croatia

first_imgThe Tourist Board of the Municipality of Rogoznica continues to invest in online infrastructure that contributes to the promotion of the destination, but also the functionality in the field whose well-being will be felt by future guests as well as their hosts, the local population. Over the past month, new surveys have been made throughout the municipality with Google 360 ​​° technology for the needs of the well-known Google Street View.As part of this project, the first one was recorded and placed on Google Maps’Sea View’The first such virtual walk in Croatia, ie in Google’s’ Street View’ system, a sea route that runs along the coast of Rogoznica Bay has been implemented for the first time. From now on, users of Google Maps will be able to enjoy sea views and see in advance what awaits them when entering the  Rogoznica port.”Every year we strive to further improve the promotion of our destination, and we are therefore very pleased to have successfully implemented this Google Street View project. Google Maps are the maps with the most users in the world, numbering in the hundreds of millions, and therefore it is extremely important to be well and well represented on them. Furthermore, these are the maps on which most navigation devices are based today, which have become an indispensable aid in every trip via smartphones, so most of our guests use them when arriving at the destination. ” points out Marijo Mladinić, director of the Tourist Office.With the realization of this project, TZ Rogoznica becomes the first tourist board to cover almost all streets in all its tourist resorts with a Google Street View. Specifically in this case, there are 8 settlements, namely Zečevo Rogozničko, Rogoznica, Podglavica (Stupin-Čeline), Zatoglav, Ražanj, Dvornice, Stivašnica and Kanica. In addition to the road part, which was done in the length of several tens of kilometers, some pedestrian parts were also done, ie Google Street View was brought to some interesting sites that can only be reached on foot, such as the fairytale Punta Planka with the church of Sv. Ivan of Trogir.  On this occasion, TZ Rogoznica also took control in its area over all major social, cultural and natural facilities and sites on the Google map.”By bringing Google Street View to almost every accommodation facility in our municipality, we have enabled guests to virtually go through the entire route they need to follow before their arrival and reach literally the courtyard of their future accommodation facility. This will make it much easier for them to find their desired destination, because when they actually arrive at the location, they will feel as if they have already been there, and our local hosts will be able to welcome them peacefully in their own backyard. Regarding navigation devices, it is very important that Google Street View is one of the main factors by which Google makes corrections to its own navigation system, so in the future navigation devices in the municipality of Rogoznica should be significantly more accurate, which will also contribute to the satisfaction of all users. concludes Mladinić.You can check how it all looks together on a Google map in the area of ​​Rogoznica municipality (Google Street View is activated by clicking on the ‘yellow man’ in the lower right corner of the screen), and how the first Google ‘Sea View’ looks at the link:  Sailing into the port of Rogoznica – LinkRELATED NEWS:ROGOZNICA PRESENTED THROUGH VIRTUAL REALITYINGENIOUS, PHENOMENAL, THIS IS A STORY – ROGOZNICA GOT A TOURIST OFFICE ON WHEELSlast_img read more

Andrija Mikulić: Catering facilities that are closed from tomorrow will be able to start working

first_img“I want the state administration (any ministry, tax administration, etc.) when we ask them something about the law or how to apply it to a specific case, not to issue an “opinion” but to issue a clear and unambiguous explanation which is – THE LAW points out Hrvoje Bujas, president of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association. The Voice of Entrepreneurs Association (UGP), which was not invited to the meeting, points out that they demand clear and unambiguous laws, clear rules of the game, not that the Ministry of Tourism has one instruction, HZJZ another, the Inspectorate a third, etc.… while the guild pays entrepreneurs. More attached: THE STATE INSPECTORATE WILL PUBLISH A LIST OF ALL REGULATIONS SUPERVISED IN INSPECTION SUPERVISIONS Restaurants closed by order of the State Inspectorate will be able to continue operating from Tuesday if they meet all 11 measures required by the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) in its instructions for catering facilities Unfortunately yesterday case, when the State Inspectorate closed over 20 restaurants it was all just prevention, education and mutual cooperation. / / / HZJZ: INSTRUCTIONS FOR CATERING FACILITIES Chief State Inspector Andrija Mikulić announced that from tomorrow, closed catering facilities will be able to start catering activities in terms of food preparation and delivery, subject to epidemiological measures. Also, the UGP argues that the State Administration, when asked about the Law or how to apply it to a specific case, does not issue “opinions” but that clear and unambiguous explanations are given on how an entrepreneur should act, which must be “law”.center_img Photo: “Our goal is prevention, education and mutual cooperation, and that is why you will know in advance what each inspector will be looking for. This is one of a series of new measures that we plan to introduce in our work”, Said Mikulić at the end of last year at the Forum of Zagreb caterers. At today’s meeting at the State Inspectorate, which included the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Chamber of Crafts, the Croatian Employers’ Association, the Ministry of Tourism and the National Association of Caterers, it was requested to meet the requirements of caterers who must be given clear and unambiguous working conditions. “Our goal is for all caterers who can work in compliance with health measures to continue doing business and thus preserve jobs. It is crucial that their working conditions are clearly and unambiguously communicated by the institutions, and this has been agreed today”, Said the vice president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for agriculture and tourism, Dragan Kovacevic. It is good to recall the statement of the Chief State Inspector, Andrija Mikulić, from the end of last year, when he stated: “Wherever possible, measures of opportunity are used to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to correct some minor irregularities, because closing the premises does not benefit anyone. But unfair competition, unregistered facilities will continue to be punished without reservation. We used to be reprimanded for entering only registered facilities, which is no longer the case, know that by court order we are looking for unregistered facilities and entering them”, Pointed out Mikulić and announced that lists of regulations that are supervised in inspections will be published on the website of the State Inspectorate in the coming period. Also, Bujas points out that inspectors should help entrepreneurs and craftsmen to ensure the work according to the law and their starting approach, and if it is a minor offense, it must be educational, preventive, and not police rigorous – closure “If the mistake is repeated, then there really must be penalties, and if the offenses are drastic, such as not reporting employees or undeclared employment, the penalties must also be rigorous.”Concludes Bujas.last_img read more

#ZagrebLovesYou – a great story and narrative of the film of the Zagreb Tourist Board campaign

first_imgWith the mentioned photos and film Zagreb Loves You, the campaign consists of two more elements – a photo gallery of Zagreb, which until recently was carefreely enjoyed #DreamNowVisitLater and film Zagreb. Be There. Again… which TZGZ created from the existing promotional films as a thank you to fellow citizens who in these unusual and crisis times showed social responsibility and stayed at home. After the campaign “From Zagreb’s windows”, a virtual museum and a concert by the Filmmusicorkestar group from the roof of a tourist bus, the Zagreb Tourist Board has launched a new campaign #ZagrebLovesYou in which she presented two promotional films. “In the last almost two months, we have really had the opportunity to see that we are not alone and that our fellow citizens, as well as our visitors or those who are yet to come, love and feel Zagreb. Therefore, we are, through an emotional film Zagreb Loves You, we wanted to show the whole spectrum of feelings we experienced and, unlike the usual tourist promotional films, we wanted to show our wounded, but again alive and proud Zagreb. In the midst of the corona virus pandemic and after the Zagreb earthquake, with the comprehensive campaign #ZagrebLovesYou, we would like to stay in touch with everyone who was in our city, brought back beautiful memories and, of course, with Zagreb and people in Croatia and abroad who love Zagreb . “, Said the director of TZGZ, Ph.D. Martina Bienenfeld.  Thus, TZGZ invites citizens and visitors to take photos and share pictures from Zagreb, focusing on memories when Zagreb was full of life, before the coronavirus, ie memories of socializing, concerts and events, marked #ZagrebLovesYou and thus be part of the TZGZ campaign. However, a new phase of communication is starting now, more on that soon. center_img Zagreb Love You / Excellent film and narrator of the story The narrator in the film Zagreb Loves You, Mr Rob Reider, the American is a five-time Emmy Award winner for his shows and music tracks. A great example of how other tourist boards should have reacted in this time of crisis for tourism. So this time the Tourist Board bounced most positively of all tourist boards in Croatia, and even of the Croatian Tourist Board.  The campaign runs from 5 to 19 May on the social networks of TZGZ. See more information about the campaign HERElast_img read more

The “Vacation never closer” campaign is a new project of the Zagreb County

first_imgThe diversity of offerings and styles of local vineyards represents a great wealth, but winemakers are aware that they are strongest when they are harmonious and united. This part of Bregovita Hrvatska is often overshadowed by the more famous and touristically advanced wine regions of Croatia, so it is worth reminding the inhabitants of Zagreb that they do not have to go far in search of top wines.  “Vacation never closer” campaign “As part of the campaign “Vacation never closer” which is yet to be implemented, our goal is to promote wine roads, the quality of local products from our family farms as well as rural accommodation. The emphasis is precisely on multisectoral connections and to show how it is still possible to create a value chain in tourism.”Concludes Alilović. Among the most successful projects, county brands stand out – such as the Kingdom of Zelina and the Portuguese Plešivica. There are also three wine roads – Samoborska, Plešivička and Zelinska, while in the Ivanićgrad region bordering Moslavina, there is a “Land of Scarlet”. The season of spring and warm days is usually the time when the demand for wines grows and the market is filled with fresh vintages. But in these difficult and uncertain times, it will not be easy for anyone, so supporting small local producers means more than ever. Precisely on that, through promotion and one of its stories, the Zagreb County Tourist Board started to actively promote and develop its wine story, but the coronavirus pandemic stopped or prolonged the planned campaigns and projects. “I believe that in the future more intensive cooperation between manufacturers and those who offer finished products to guests is necessary. In fact, it should be an imperative. ” emphasizes Ivana Alilović, director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board, and adds that the “Vacation never closer” campaign will soon be launched with this goal in mind. As the first activity before the start of the campaign, a video was published with four local winemakers from Plešivica, Moslavina and Zelina, in which the winemakers themselves turned from their natural environment and invited guests to get to know their stories through their wine. The increasingly developed and high-quality wine scene is one of the main tourist and economic assets of the Zagreb County. It is through the eno-gastro tourist contents of the Zagreb County Tourist Board that it sees its opportunity in positioning itself as an ideal weekend destination for the inhabitants of Zagreb as the primary market. The green Zagreb ring is ideal as an escape from the city crowds and stress, and which offers a lot of quality content, all half an hour from the center of our capital. By the way, the vineyards of Zagreb County belong to the wine region Bregovita Hrvatska. Five vineyards (Samobor, Plešivica-Okić, Svetojan-Slavičko, Krašičko and Ozalj-Vivodin), harmoniously connected by climate and soil, make it one of the most picturesque and beautiful wine-growing subregions in Croatia. However, as the crisis and opportunity, so a month ago, while everyone was following the course of the epidemic from day to day, the Zagreb County Tourist Board in cooperation with well-known local winemakers launched a positive avalanche through a “prize game” on its official Facebook page. to which participants are given the opportunity to win a bottle for the Easter table. At that moment where everything was gray and negative, one small action caused an avalanche of positives and a great reaction from both the winemaker and the followers on social media. Although we are a tourist country, unfortunately we use very little resources of the continental and rural part. Now is the opportunity to get to know Beautiful and our green Croatia.last_img read more

Diving centers exempted from paying the concession for underwater cultural goods

first_imgMost of them are in the group up to the age of 29, 20% of them. According to one of the world’s leading diving organizations, Padi, over 20 new divers have been certified each year for the past 900 years. One of the leading diving destinations in the world is Egypt, to which the diving attraction and the wreck of the sunken ship SS Thistlegorm brings more revenue than the pyramids at Giza. At the end of June, the community requested exemption from the payment of the concession due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, so the Ministry amended the Ordinance on the procedure and manner of issuing permits for underwater activities in inland waters and territorial seas of the Republic of Croatia. to which diving centers were issued last year solutions for five years to perform underwater activities in protected areas. Introduction No Take zone as an opportunity? “This year’s situation is of course specific and never seen before. The results will certainly be smaller, we expect a drop of at least 50 percent, but the good thing is that it is still being done”, Said the president of the Diving Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Vedran Dorušić and added that the diving centers in the south of the country were most affected by the corona crisis because they depend on guests arriving by plane, which are now missing or very few. According to the latest research of the Thomas Institute for Tourism, diving is a motive for coming to Croatia for more than 6% of respondents, while when choosing activities during their stay, 16,3% of guests choose diving. In addition, he considers it important to facilitate the procedure and help sink old and worn-out ships and open historic forbidden zones, which are now decaying and do not earn anything for Croatia, but money from the state budget is spent on them. Dorušić believes that with just a few moves we would reach the top of diving tourism in Europe.center_img Dorušić also sees the crisis as an opportunity to simplify many things and thus improve the business of diving centers, so he states that a number of meaningless occupations and professional exams that exist only in Croatia should be abolished, and only increase the cost of work and prevent employment of foreign students in Croatian diving centers, necessary for language skills and for the seasonality of work. Maël BALLAND, The President of the Community also proposes the introduction No Take zones that would attract those guests who now go to Italy, France and destinations that have such zones. It is a special form of protection that completely prohibits any exploitation of the seabed for the protection of ecosystems and cultural assets, and they have proven to be excellent in preserving biodiversity, but also in economic development. The Ministry of Culture accepted the request of the Diving Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and released the diving centers from paying this year’s fee (concession) for underwater cultural goods.last_img read more

Barbara Mrkić, Carwiz: Despite the global crisis, for now all our franchises are in business, and we are expanding our business

first_imgAlthough there are relatively “few” of them on the Croatian market compared to other tourist branches, about 15 rent a car companies in Croatia generate a total of over one billion kuna in annual revenues and are responsible for buying 25 thousand new vehicles a year. “Each partner, under the mentorship of our franchise managers, chose their own strategy and path – so some decided to spend this time with training, making new business agreements and preparing for the 2021 season, while others decided to focus on car rental as the safest option.. As for state aid, each partner has chosen its own business model, which includes an independent decision on whether they want to resort to state financial assistance, a moratorium on loans and the like. We are at their disposal for all questions and advice while choosing the best business model themselves ”Mrkić points out and adds that both are very successful in their strategies, which is another confirmation that every problem has more solutions. “We also advise franchisors about new forms of business, how to reach loyal customers and how to establish new business contacts.”Said Mrkić and emphasized that it is still positive that for now all their franchises are operating, some more successful, and some with a reduced volume of work such as the franchise network in the Caribbean. Also, logically, they expect a moratorium on leasing at least until mid-2021, when revenue from the tourist season is expected to begin to flow. Of course, there are more problems, from the mandatory collection of the HRT fee to the extension of current measures for employees until the spring. But certainly the most important is the possibility of lending to survive until spring. “On the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, which has about 41.000 inhabitants, is focused exclusively on providing car rental services to tourists. On the other hand, we have franchise partners who have adapted their models almost perfectly to the situation and achieved enviable success like franchisors from Serbia who operate at the level of last year’s results. ” Mrkic points out. To get a slightly clear picture of the industry, the fact that, according to some estimates, the size of the car rental market globally is estimated at $ 86 billion in 2019, with a tendency of high growth, speaks volumes. In the end, Mrkić points out that the car rental industry on a global level is waiting for the revival of the tourism sector in the spring, in order to reach liquidity and to continue the daily growth and expansion of the Cariwza brand to new markets. When asked how other franchise partners coped in this situation, Mrkić pointed out that everything depends on the state, but that the car rental industry is not at a standstill, but has adapted to the whole situation. “The measures vary from country to country, somewhere they are more rigorous and somewhere a bit milder – it all depends on what stage of the fight against the coronavirus is which country. At the moment, the virus is growing exponentially in most of our franchise countries, and as a result, some branches have closed. ” says Mrkić and adds that they use that time for branding branches, trainings focused on working in the software system, marketing trainings and the like, and all this also refers to the preparation for the 2021 season. Coronavirus has literally stopped tourism, and a couple of months of this season have not brought much traffic, as the industry relies mostly on air traffic, which is in the first nine months recorded a drop in passenger numbers of 80%, as well as to foreign tourists and business tourism, which also recorded the biggest decline this year. This year is difficult for everyone, and especially for the entire tourism sector, including the car rental industry, which is directly dependent on tourism. The importance of the car rental industry for the tourism sector is clearly shown by the fact that more than 90 percent of car rental industry users in Croatia are foreign tourists. The car rental industry is an important part of the mosaic of the Croatian tourist offer, especially in the context of air traffic, extension of the tourist season and raising tourist consumption.  As we know, the car rental industry is extremely related to tourism (about 90% of turnover), and on the wave of new expansion of Carwiz through the franchise model, I spoke with Barbara Mrkić, Marketing Director at Carwiz rent a car and Carwiz International.center_img Interestingly, according to Mrkić, franchise partners from Greece have expanded their franchise network and are looking for more new partners for further expansion.. “We have established a new partnership in Cyprus, while in Croatia we have optimized and reorganized our business. Of course, we had to make certain cuts, reach for certain measures, but despite that we found a model that is sustainable given the overall situation in Croatia and the world.” pointed out Mrkić added that all these are examples that despite the difficult and unenviable situation, business is possible. By the way, last year alone, the state earned around HRK 300 million directly from VAT from the car rental industry, and VAT from partners, such as: vehicle importers, service workshops, fuel, tolls, etc., should certainly be added to that figure. . (according to estimates of an additional HRK 700 million of VAT), which makes a total of HRK 1 billion of VAT from car rental activities in Croatia alone. We are not talking about other miscellaneous levies, but only about VAT. Currently, the biggest challenge for the car rental industry is precisely liquidity, a large burden on leasing companies as well as concession fees to airports. So, the rental industry, like everyone in tourism, expects credit lines from Hamag Bicro and HBOR or the option for the state to give certain guarantees so that they can take out loans in commercial banks. By the way, Carwiz opened the American market in early 2020. After its first branch at Orlando International Airport, in the southeastern state of Florida, Carwiz has positioned itself in one of the most important U.S. financial centers and the third largest airport in the United States, Miami International Airport. A phenomenal start to 2020, until the moment of the coronavirus pandemic, which brought the entire world economy to its knees, and especially the tourism sector. “Also, we implemented new knowledge, optimized our business and restructured the company. We believe that business consists of ups and downs, that it functions as a living organism that requires rapid change, and that this is just another stop to be even more successful in the near future.”Said Mrkic. When asked about the current situation in the industry, Mrkić points out that the emphasis on caring for the health and cleanliness of cars has proven to be a good solution and car rental has been positioned as the safest option. “Since the crisis began, we have placed emphasis on health care. We have established teams, provided all the necessary funds for safe work and changed the existing strategies”Says Mrkić and adds that they have adjusted their goals and expectations in accordance with the situation and used the facilities and support provided to help the company survive. “Our franchise partners around the world have adjusted their business to the overall situation and dedicated themselves to domestic tourism.”, Mrkić points out and adds that now everyone needs safe transport so that we can continue with our usual way of life in the near future. From the beginning of its business in 2018, Carwiz Greece has managed to expand its business through its own network through sub-franchise agreements to twelve locations across the country – from Athens to Crete, Zakynthos, Thessaloniki, Chania and Piraeus. Barbara Mrkić, Marketing Director Carwiz rent a car and Carwiz International: Car rental positioned as the safest option Extremely positive news, in this gloomy extraordinary time, especially due to the fact that it is about Croatian tourist export product – Carwiz rent a car, which, with the new expansion of its franchise network, concluded 23 contracts and a presence in 20 countries. Also, in the last days of September, Carwiz’s story spread to Cyprus, where it entered into a partnership with Leos Groups of Companies, the most professional car rental company in Cyprus, which has been in business since 1983.last_img read more

Take Russia’s role in election seriously

first_img“How could they better gratify this than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union?”Although President Trump is uncomfortable with Robert Mueller’s investigation, Russians may indeed have helped in a significant way his becoming president. What really happened needs to be known in order to prevent this problem from recurring.The current Republican campaign to undercut Mueller’s credibility is both disgraceful and dishonest. I doubt the American people are so gullible that they will be taken in by the campaign.More likely, they will surmise that President Trump is guilty of a whole host of illegalities.Howard Littman NiskayunaMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesNiskayuna girls’ cross country wins over BethlehemEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motorists Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionRussian involvement in our 2016 presidential election is a more serious matter than many realize and needs to be thoroughly investigated, as the special prosecutor is doing.I note that in The Federalist Papers (#68), Alexander Hamilton wrote over 200 years ago, “… the most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.last_img read more