t cannot become climate, to be entrepreneurial team.

suddenly think about, China Adsense million, the leader in the only a few. Most of the webmaster is not alone, team composition.

personal webmaster, the most bitter force. A website from the line to the operation is a person.

why not set up a team? No team, even if there is a good project, can not do it.

we are generally faced with the entrepreneurial human capital test, the team may solve these problems.

let’s talk about what I know recently:

was formed in March 9, 2013 by absolutely good, the main business of Baidu optimization, website construction, brand planning, crisis management and integrated marketing, from the beginning only 3 months now team staff of 11 people. I’m looking at them. read more

Not only the national express company closed off to prepare for the double eleven Festival

according to the "Labor News" reported that during the national day, the courier industry will go out of business whether consumers buy goods? Can arrive in time? The reporter learned that most of the courier company said that during the national day will be on the job, to provide efficient quality express service for consumers. In addition, stick to the "Golden Week" at the same time, various courier companies are also at the end of the show "double eleven" are actively preparing for the. read more

ntime network of e-commerce

authoritative data show that in 2011 China’s online shopping market transaction size of 800 billion, is expected to reach this data will reach 10000. In the National Day golden week, the major network operators have promotion on the occasion, intime network also according to their own steps to carry out activities. Today we take a look at the road of e-commerce intime network.

one, the power behind

June 2012, intime supplier conference, CEO Daniel Chan said: the amount of investment intime network is equal to only a physical store, so in 2012 the investment should be accounted for the total sales of the group of 3%, there is a data can illustrate some of the problems: intime network growth rate was 300%. Behind the rapid development, thanks to the strong support of the group. read more

The occupation education nternet plus era of how the development of

vocational education refers to the education of professional knowledge, skills and professional ethics for the educated to obtain some kind of occupation or production. Occupation education is to train talents and workers have a certain level of education and professional knowledge and skills, and general education and adult education is more focused on the occupation education training practical skills and practical ability. Not long ago in the Boao forum for Asia, President Xi Jinping cited "Ming changed over time, and with it, the" implicit education reform priority. Compulsory education needs to change a lot of natural, and promote social progress is the main factor in the development of the economy, to make the modern economy in the production of natural talent, vocational education is extremely important. read more

Alipay began to seek a breakthrough in the siege

How could

Alipay faces the beleaguered situation? Just double eleven day of the transaction amount is as high as 35 billion yuan, equivalent to 2013 China’s A market trading volume of 1/3, how can face the siege? Furthermore, looking at the existing online payment tool, whether it is Baidu hundred Fu Tong, a Tencent or property Fu Tong, from the users and the size of the transaction, no one can match, how could the siege of


is not to break the siege, he said? But for the greatest threat to the Internet are often not only around competitors, changes in profit but changes in surrounding environment, user habits pressure and so on, these are likely to be a hot Internet product into a corner. In 2004, Alipay began to appear in the company’s face, and began to expand the external market. Alipay will soon celebrate its ten birthday. Ten years, Alipay external expansion is very successful, the online payment has occupied more than half of the country, and second caifutong from a considerable distance. Can be said to be the Alipay has become the users of water and electricity, indispensable. Alipay’s problem is: the future will be to go? The current mode of market development has reached the limit, limited growth potential. So Alipay needs to break through read more

About eleven of fresh electricity double promotion explosion quilt build cold chain logistics

when the brightest electricity supplier for the day one hundred, shoes and clothing, household appliances, 3C and other categories of massive stockpile as fresh category is relatively low-key a lot.

whether it is a Jingdong, shop No. 1, such a platform or electricity supplier, I bought the network, SF preferred, originally vertical electric life network such as Tmall, Taobao, the fresh sellers must face the same problem: how to do logistics warehouse explosion? Home clothing, even later sent to a few weeks, not as for the impact of the use of; crab prawns, if a few days to send to the user, the courier will not send…… read more

Taobao from January 1, 2011 to start the whole network of consumer protection

Taobao announced that since January 1, 2011 officially launched the whole network of consumer protection, Taobao whole network sellers will promise Taobao consumer protection services based services. Consumers in the Taobao store in case of any discrepancies or description of goods and quality problems, the seller must fulfill the consumer commitment, otherwise Taobao will use the consumer protection fund Xianxingpeifu, and according to the rules of the corresponding punishment to the seller.

analysis of the industry, the whole network of consumer protection will enable Taobao to open a web site with a similar distance in terms of service, increase consumer stickiness, so that Taobao businesses continue to promote steady development, enhance the overall level of service the online shopping industry. read more

Dunhuang net credit speculation brush praise will strike you eat yellow


] January 20th news billion state power network, billion state power network that cross-border export platform of Dunhuang network recently "needle penalty rules and sales credit speculation" was revised, the new policy will be formally implemented in January 29, 2016, will open the whole network reporting channels.

According to the Dunhuang

network, the revised rules to maintain a healthy and orderly market order platform, the establishment of a fair, honest and transparent business environment, reduce the credit sales and speculation, enhance the buyer experience.   read more

Waste site traffic manager make money cheat entrap Taobao

in terms of money, whether black or white, can make money to money is good, but if we add a principle of conscience to make money, then some Adsense really injustice.

garbage flow cheating successful conditions

first: traffic can buy, referred to the flow of cheating, very cheap, 10 thousand IP, then about 30 yuan.

second: Taobao manager in order to increase sales, willing to spend money to buy advertising.

third: Ali mother just shit statistics, traffic statistics, does not distinguish between traffic sources. read more

Exposure to the Amazon direct mail hand SF nearly 100 yuan per freight

did not intend to go it alone, and in addition to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Shanghai information investment cooperation, Amazon also actively pull the domestic express logistics enterprises join together to enjoy the domestic cross-border electricity market.

said the latest news, SF, EMS is likely to become one of the important partners in the market Chinese Amazon direct mail.

pointed out above, the SF layout in terms of free trade bonded imports. At present, SF is for cross-border electricity supplier launched import customs clearance, warehousing, inventory management in the region, paying tariffs, domestic transportation, delivery and a series of one-stop agency services. Billion state power network from the SF Department learned that the project is expected in the fourth quarter of this year on the line, the deployment and the development of multi node Amazon FTA overlap, has also been regarded as a "signal to the possibility of the Amazon SF". read more

Giant into chaos takeaway O2O entrepreneurs new fruit

Sept. 9, billion state power network to get the message, takeaway O2O enterprise life radius has recently officially launched fruit delivery service.

according to the person in charge of the radius of the life of the market, the radius of life from last month began to try fruit O2O services. In the service coverage of the business district, the user orders online, the radius of life will be completed within 45 minutes. Currently, the service covers 9 districts of Beijing.

billion state power network has learned, and many communities in the domestic O2O projects through the supply chain system integration of community shops around different radius of life is taken self mode, all fruit supply by their own procurement, logistics and distribution are also in charge of its own team (currently living in Beijing radius distribution team about 600~700 people). read more

The electricity supplier leveraging traditional industry to save the future

Li Na Wu Feng


is still looking for agents / suppliers and worry about it? × × new Huaqiang North; mode of network free wholesale network: Huaqiang North store + Taobao shop can easily do wholesale." In some QQ group or WeChat group, do mobile phone related business people Huaqiang North often receive such advertising, one click upload suppliers to the shop, easily do consignment. In high-rise buildings, and are often able to see the billboard business support providers. read more

Tea sister appeared Jingdong annual meeting, said Liu Qiangdong, B2C electricity supplier boss when


technology news February 10th afternoon, the Jingdong group held today in Beijing in 2017 to open the conference, from across the country more than 2000 employees of the Jingdong to participate in the general assembly. Liu Qiangdong milk tea sister appeared and delivered a speech at the annual meeting, said Jingdong in 2021, beyond Ali, becoming China’s largest B2C platform.

, according to Liu Qiangdong, said this year, Jingdong annual meeting is different from previous years, because this year will be the first time to convey the entire group of second Jingdong strategy for the past 12 years. He said: over the past 12 years, Jingdong group GMV CAGR of up to 150%, and in 2016 to become the world’s top five hundred companies. For the next twelve years, Liu Qiangdong focused on the financial business, he said the total amount of Jingdong in 2016 exceeded $1 trillion. In addition, the business of Jingdong IOUs, Jing Bao Bei, Jingdong to raise public way ahead in the industry. He also jokingly said: the rapid growth of financial Jingdong, but not a nude IOUs business. read more

Yiwu buy online transactions this year is expected to break 600 million yuan

since the October 2012 Yiwu purchase officially launched after the operation, the task was given the completion of the Yiwu small commodity transaction transfer from line to line, the market performance of Yiwu purchase, has become an important indicator of the process of the transformation of the electricity supplier in Yiwu. So, in the past two years, the performance of Yiwu how to buy it and the next step will bring Yiwu electricity supplier market what message?

recently, reporters learned from the Yiwu purchase, as of August this year, the total number of online purchase goods in Yiwu site 2 million 100 thousand, the average daily page views (PV) 2 million times, average daily users 100 thousand people, the total online transaction volume reached 400 million yuan (2013 Yiwu purchase transactions amounted to 60 million yuan), is expected to by the end of the transaction volume will exceed 600 million yuan. The available data is compared to the inception of the record, an increase of nearly 10 times. read more

Wangzhuan master into the class seventh class

Wangzhuan master into the class seventh class

Please click to download the

After the installation of

Why should

If you use

The first is

1 on your hard disk to create a text file named exchange sites, and then put the 8 companies to start URL you have to copy this file. Format for each line, a total of 8 lines. Then open the Crazy Browser File–URL list– Import URL, click list, find you just saved the text file exchange sites, in the pop-up browsing box open, you can see the 8 page also appeared in the Crazy Browser, through the button to switch between pages.

3 open Crazy again Browser, View–Auto Refresh–30seconds, to set up an auto refresh every 30 seconds. Then Groups, open the saved exchange sites be accomplished!

read more

You have to do this


on the network of friends want to earn money as soon as possible, we all understand this, but money is so strange, the more you want her farther away from you. So how do to make stable and relatively high income?
the answer is the right way, grasp the correct direction. At the same time to work hard the implementation of.

I on the network through 2 years of exploration, that is they must have a good base for the development of.


2, or do you have your own forum. You don’t stop in the development and maintenance of the forum at the same time, also can earn money.

3 Or you have your own blog, you can’t stop the optimal maintenance ceaselessly, increasing content, flow increasing. So this blog is your money base.

4, or what you are not. But there is still the way. What do you do? Are you to some of you think development of dynamic forum to Forum Forum moderators. When in development at the same time, because of your special status. As long as you pay some effort. Your success is quite fast. This has a good development in various forums have been confirmed. A lot of bamboo development speed is amazing.

how to distinguish a forum is not dynamic, there is potential for development? The first effort to see this forum webmaster. And with the degree of cooperation between the owner owners. Second look at this station content how, how popular, and so on…

read more

0.01 seconds battle tells the story of cybersquatting

a netizen to be deleted by the description: registration expires in two. COM domain name, he deliberately wrote a small program, the use of a foreign Registrar of the proxy interface (API) from 1 o’clock am today to start every 30 seconds the frequency of repeated attempts to register. Can just look at the log, the query state is all "Domain not available" (domain name is not available), WHOIS shows that these two domain names have been re registered by foreign companies…… read more

V5shop multi language version online system helps foreign trade network smooth sailing

e-commerce development today, has long been the work and life of most people. Compared with Taobao, the seller of enterprises e-commerce website reputation, has a group of little known, although they will value millions of domestic products sold abroad, although more than they earn some well-known domestic online real money, although they have not been defeated in the financial crisis, the storm vortex contrarian…… This group is the foreign trade business.

in the hearts of many people, probably have such a desire to earn wages in developed countries, domestic consumption, foreign trade network operators to put this idea into reality, make full use of domestic commodity price, the advantages of high quality, the products through the network and other sales channels to the North America, Europe, East Asia and other regions compared to Taobao, online business, online trade has a certain threshold, but the profit is much higher, generally can reach 40%. With the rapid development of domestic e-commerce trends, there will be more added to the Foreign Trade Chamber of commerce network army in the past, this reporter interviewed some experts, in order to use their knowledge and experience to help foreign trade network to avoid detours, to achieve quick profits. read more

Domain deletion list May 22, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0051@vip.163.com 0516–83777726


cv9981.cn   />ch777.cn
88gk.com CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

A map to tell you how long can 11 hot

since 2009, double eleven promotion has entered its seventh year. Transaction volume from 52 million yuan, $936 million, $5 billion 200 million, 19 billion 100 million yuan, $36 billion 200 million, $57 billion 100 million, up to $91 billion 200 million this year. With the double eleven transaction volume continues to rise, the impact of its coverage of online and offline, to expand overseas to the world, extending to rural counties. So, double eleven hot can last long?

double 11 can also hot how long? read more