Four years of experience in the promotion of mobile phone website

first, I affirm that I am non SEO professionals, more than a full-time webmaster, my occupation is to do business intelligent mobile phone, write this article is nothing more than the record about his own experience in some of the station, the first time to write articles, do not shoot my head Paizhuan, thank you.

started 06 mobile phone, because of money, resources, time, and until now, also did not last long made a station, a station every time is almost done when you stop, think of where to change, it is not going to change, then change the system do, in fact, is not desirable, the search will think you stand firm. read more

How to play network marketing easier

is said to be the two most like to ask new questions, one is how to do electricity supplier and the other is how to do network marketing?

in the background of my WeChat public often received such a problem, see are afraid of. Today is how simple and easy fun network marketing.

why do simple and easy to do network marketing from hundreds of samples I contact, you can look at the current situation of the majority of electricity providers do network marketing. The first, at a loss, do not know where to start; second, I know a lot of network marketing methods, but it seems that there will never be able to finish the work, I feel that the network marketing is a chore. read more

O2O will allow the vast number of businesses online marketing memorable

The concept of

O2O has been out for several years, but with the prosperity of group purchase website that makes this concept to carry forward, many offline businesses are in contact with a variety of O2O marketing tools, and even some high-quality businesses through O2O get a lot of network source, as a very love group purchase people in this way in Guangzhou, so I eat this delicacy city of many restaurants, and thus have the opportunity to compare these restaurants where the advantages and disadvantages, then share own good place to their friends, so I have "chowhound" reputation in their own circle of friends. read more

On mobile email marketing

with the development of mobile Internet, the popularity of mobile intelligent terminals, people use mobile phones to send and receive e-mail habits with the formation of. Mobile email can change the habit of reading e-mail from the PC to the mobile terminal, especially the smartphone. Although some people are skeptical of this trend, but there is one thing we can’t deny that, in the mobile terminal mail attention will far more than in the PC end, at least for intelligent mobile phone users, mobile phone reading the content than the log on the computer to open the mailbox, a message came easy, but also in the time outside of work to easily send and receive e-mail. Now the intelligent mobile phone, send and receive e-mail can be achieved basically, there are a lot of the original PC mail service providers have developed every kind of mobile phone mail client, its purpose lies in the development of mobile phone mail users, because they know that mobile email marketing is also an important way of promotion. So what are the aspects of mobile e-mail marketing need to pay attention to it? read more

Do you have a website marketing

good site, the need for good planning, not just a good design, but a natural smooth and comfortable. Allow visitors to quickly find the information they want and products that allow visitors to quickly reach a consensus or a deal, which is called a marketing website. Now, discover the marketing value of the site


site is not open, it is often a few years ago, the updated product information, is used to make display and publicity, but a lot of useless, according to a survey of the latest Baidu Inc: over seventy percent websites can not attract customers effectively, a website into bottle device. read more

How soft media from the media platform for success

in our country in these industries, whether it is work of an industry which are needed for promotion, so as to let others know you earlier and faster, so the business and performance will go up, the staff in order to get more money. For example, in advertising, television, or media reports and so on, these are some very good promotion means, the media reports, also is the soft writing, to promote their content for the purpose. Especially in the Internet using soft Wen promotion is very common, but some people wrote the article has been read and reproduced while others do not, this is why? In fact, this is because it has its own rules and skills in the industry, following the author is a simple text to share the Journal of marketing skills. read more

Micro CEO Wang Zhen marketing mobile social chain is the key to get through

introduction: in the mobile Internet era, "small" could be a big opportunity. Through the analysis of large data network, find all the target customers, in which to identify the most influential people, let him become our advocacy hand.

oral | micro focus CEO Wang Zhen writing | Ying

in the era of mobile Internet, small may be a big opportunity.

data show that modern people on average every 6 minutes to see a cell phone, which is like the average number of breaths per minute, the phone has become the human’s sixth senses. This also reminds us that we must focus on their own vision and focus on mobile phones. So, there is a single mobile Internet is not enough, more important is the rapid rise of social networks, the two hit together to connect the world’s mobile phone for everyone, the opportunity is very large. read more

Case Redstar Red Star Entertainment to do the promotion program

now all enterprises have realized the importance of network promotion, a web site for potential customers, so we only promote their own website, you can get a lot of customers. Website promotion method is very much, according to the different nature of the site use promotion method is not the same, but the search engine optimization promotion is always a kind of promotion method.

1, search engine promotion

According to

website data analysis, the overall site is more traffic from search engines, like many of the 80% websites from search, website construction, will be Baidu, 360 search engine website content page, so that the majority of users to find our business through the search engine. Of course, there is a search engine to do the promotion, but because we are not allowed to do spinach website auction, there is not much to say. read more

Analyzing from the angle of human nature of the message content invincible

on human nature, I know very little about moving, I have deep experience; but it is based on human touch as a starting point for the ultimate human capture a tear!

world attention to reasoning, a more rational everywhere "as strengthening backing, indeed, this is a universal truth, but in the super power in this country, so to love life, that is the real merit.

so-called vernal drizzle embellish silent, to love moving through your heart, regardless of family or friendship or even, is said to be the greatest love is unlikely to escape this read more

From the exchange of links thought

recently very busy, in addition to the basic update site, the other time in favor of the company, today morning in stationmaster net to see an article mentioned GG big update, brooding time, estimated almost updated, and because I did not go to work, get more Links. Don’t mention the other chain, so in the afternoon smoke for half an hour, the webmaster to Baidu search relevant keywords, and prepare some related site exchange Links, first aid arena.

but when the linking process that bothers me, say not to chain, but attitudes and beliefs. I am looking for 2 stations (1 site of webmaster, 1 web site of tutorial), but a person with QQ, directly asked how PR, then PR is so high again, another more simply, the website address without any information returned. read more