Western mining group ranks among the top 2013 Chinese enterprises in the top 500

2013 "China top 500 enterprises list will be released, our province western mining group to 23 billion 665 million 970 thousand yuan of sales revenue" Chinese again among the top 500 enterprises list, which is the company for seventh consecutive years to enter the list, is currently the only province to receive this award of the enterprise.

this year, the provincial joint venture with the "top 500 Chinese enterprises" assessment committee to strengthen communication, to further increase the intensity of reporting. China’s mining industry group in the west, Saline Lake industrial group finalists, China’s top 500 manufacturing enterprises, the list, the provincial investment group, the Provincial Property Group finalists China service industry top 500 list. Five provincial enterprises at the same time into these three national ranking is the first time in our province, which also shows that the province’s provincial state-owned enterprises are moving towards the momentum of rapid development of fast track. (author: Zi Yi) read more

Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau to learn the discipline of general policy

According to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Organization Department of the party "on further serious discipline to ensure the general integrity notice" the spirit of learning, "the Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau organized all the staff regulations 5, 17, 5 are not allowed to prohibit all" and "Regulations" in the selection and appointment of cadres of the "ten no" general discipline specific requirements

according to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Organization Department of the party "on further serious discipline to ensure the general integrity notice" the spirit of learning, "the Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau organized all the staff regulations 5, 17, 5 are not allowed to prohibit all" and "Regulations" in the selection and appointment of cadres of the "ten no" general discipline specific requirements. The general disciplinary policy in writing and SMS messages to all staff to conduct publicity and learning. At the same time, the organization of all staff conducted a serious change of discipline knowledge test questions, requiring employees to comply with the general discipline. read more

The police set up a sure catch north of the city of Xining police destroyed a car theft gang

recently, north of the city of Xining police successfully destroyed a car theft gang, arresting two suspects, recover stolen a car.

October 1st 22 am, Xining City Public Security Bureau, the North Branch of Qilian Road police station received 110 orders: a victim parked stolen in a Wulingzhiguang van province hospital pharmaceutical factory family, police on duty rushed to the scene, after the victim to witness investigation and visit, and the other side of the police station duty police contact card interception. The suspects fled in the direction along the side of the drive to catch up, eventually in the area at the Village Ma Fang Xi Xing Yuan, a suspect was arrested in pakistan. read more

Xining City District for farmers to send Hui agricultural package

Xining city district party members to carry out in-depth activities in rural areas, to send to the farmers to benefit farmers package".

of the 6 packs are: Hui Nongda 5 million 80 thousand yuan investment to the total area of 11 old village historic town life garbage cleanup, and complete garbage containers and collect collection vehicles, new Chen Jia Yao village sewage treatment facilities engineering environmental remediation benefit cau package.

Comprehensive teaching building and ancillary facilities, read more

South Street, North Street will become the province’s first blatantly demonstration Street

Reporters yesterday from the City District of Xining city development and Reform Bureau, Chengzhong District, South Street, North Main Street will be built into a blatantly demonstration street, officially launched in October this year. South Street, North Street will become the province’s first blatantly demonstration street.

South Street, North Street, the size of the existing 519 commercial enterprises, is the bustling commercial street in a large supermarket, brand clothing, food, medicine, beauty salons and other city area as a whole, the average daily traffic of more than 3000 people, the annual turnover of 100 million yuan. Up to now, the city has been on the South Street, North Street commercial stores carried out for a period of six months to rectify and standardize the work, in October this year, South Street, North Street will achieve one hundred percent price tag. (author: Wu Yachun) read more

Vigorously implement the strategy of science and technology, strengthen the construction of talent t

Since the city’s talent meeting held, Municipal Bureau of forestry through science and technology, adhere to the implementation of talent challenge strategy, focus on the greening of urban and rural areas, take effective measures, continuous innovation and talent management mechanism, actively build talent exchange and display platform, increase investment in science and technology, strengthen personnel training, promote personnel work to a new level, to provide a strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for promoting the rapid development of urban and rural greeningSince the read more

Welcome to Xining teachers’ speech contest is very exciting

to celebrate the thirtieth National Teachers Day, September 4th, Xining city held the city’s education system to practice the socialist core values of young teachers in Teachers’ speech contest, on behalf of the competition, the contest showcases the city’s teachers dedication and selfless dedication spirit, carry forward the contemporary teacher teaching, teacher occupation.

it is understood that the contest theme, "take the lead in practicing the socialist core values, China round my dream", by the competitors according to the topic title, speaking in Mandarin music. Reporters on the scene saw the teachers participating in unscripted speech, are closely combined with their actual work, closely linked to the socialist core values, the speech content close to life, right, vivid, smooth and natural language, has a strong appeal to win hundreds of principals and teachers on resonance and applause, Xining City, the majority of teachers reflect on the world outlook, outlook on life and values, a profound understanding of deep thinking and deep thinking and enhance moral cultivation, enhance personal sentiments of the urgent desire, will enlighten and guide the teachers to enhance the consciousness and practice the socialist core value system initiative. In another development, the 12 schools in West District teachers also come together to show in the form of primary school with the Wenhui carry forward the Chinese traditional virtue of respecting teachers, to celebrate their own festival. read more

Supply side reform, change out a future

no one can stay out of the market. Industrial city of Golmud, in recent years is also facing its own industrial structure is too thick, biased, short and industrial products can not meet the market demand difficulties. However, now here is to supply side structural reform as a breakthrough, step by step to open up the situation and seek further development.

as the deputy general manager of concentrating on the production of nonferrous, Geng Jian is one of the Pioneer Metals Corporation’s management every day in the shortest sleep Qinghai West henan. He said that in the past, he also slept four hours at night, one o’clock in the morning to sleep, five o’clock in the morning to wake up, why? The company is very difficult, he must consider the problem of food factory inside five hundred employees. read more

Xining and the Qaidam Basin Dachaidan hinterland will achieve full speed

in December 29th, in order to improve the service level of road network resources and boost the Qaidam region circular economy construction at present, the area of experimentation area, comprehensive construction of 6 highway construction, the total mileage of nearly one thousand kilometers. From Xining to the Qaidam Basin, Beijing Tibet Expressway west of Xining transit section, Daotanghe to the Republic of Huangyuan to the west highway, a highway is completed, Xining and the Qaidam Basin Dachaidan hinterland will achieve full speed, travel time from the current 12 hours to 8 hours. read more

Subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents in Xining city. For payment in place 160 thousa

In order to guarantee the basic livelihood of the people in urban and rural areas, and gradually realize the social assistance and security standards to improve the development speed, amplitude and economic income growth basic synchronization requirements, since January 1, 2012, Xining city again improve and rationalize the urban and rural minimum living standard, as of December 4th, Xining city has 63 thousand and 800 160 thousand people benefit, dibiao release all funds in place. According to the Xining Municipal Finance Department staff, improve the city minimum living standard based on the current city minimum living standard raise 20 yuan per month, while the temporary price subsidies (per capita 55 yuan / month) transferred to the minimum standard, by 238 yuan per month increased to 313 yuan per month, involving 31 thousand households of 68 thousand people. The rural minimum standard in the current rural minimum living standard of last year the per capita increase 180 yuan (raise 15 yuan per month), and at the same time, temporary price subsidies (per capita 30 yuan / month) transferred to the minimum standard, the annual increase of 1325 yuan to 1865 yuan a year, involving 32 thousand households of 92 thousand people. Currently, the city of Xining has 33 million 10 thousand yuan to raise the standard grant funds allocated to the district (county) issued to the hands of the object of subsistence allowances. (author: Zhou Jianping) read more

Province to carry out special inspections of communication information fraud action

reporter recently learned from the Provincial Communications Authority, to guard against fraud information communication related work, in accordance with the deployment of the Ministry of information industry and the overall work, the Provincial Communications Authority conscientiously perform their supervisory responsibilities, set up a special inspection team to develop programs, detailed check list for each item, the Telecom enterprises in our province to guard against fraud information communication the implementation of the work of inspection. read more

Seven measures to promote the feelings of the people live

according to the municipal office, the municipal government office to carry out the "Xining city" on Forwarding the report to the people, please review the people "live" activities program notice requirements, from October onwards to the party’s mass line educational practice ended, in our city to carry out the theme of practical activities to promote the city’s property system, property system to further change the style of work, and earnestly solve the problems existing in the work, and constantly improve the ability to act for the people. read more

The province’s first earthquake safety demonstration community started construction

for the good of the province’s first earthquake safety demonstration community construction, the morning of August 3rd, the Provincial Seismological Bureau earthquake prevention Office Director Xu Chuanjie and Municipal Seismological Bureau deputy director Tang Yanhong to the tiger Taiwan office Cold Lake Road community for the investigation, and with the tiger Taiwan office Zhiwei Qi secretary, cold lake Road community director had a discussion on how to Jason the garden district building seismic safety demonstration community issues and exchanged views and agreed on the work completed at the end of September. read more

Xining ten rescue platform to protect the basic livelihood of the poor people

62477 households in urban and rural households to enjoy minimal relief, 66 thousand and 500 people to receive medical assistance in urban and rural areas, the housing difficulties of the masses to help 6865 people…… December 4th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Xining ten rescue platform gradually improved, the basic livelihood of the people to be difficult to protect.

: the urban and rural assistance platform for 30074 households of 64597 city residents, month low premium 14 million 944 thousand and 900 yuan; 32403 households in 91960 rural residents, the annual premium of 141 million 9 thousand yuan low. read more

Xining police cracked a major drug trafficking case seized 550 grams of heroin

October 1st, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment in cooperation with the relevant departments, the destruction of a drug trafficking network, arrested 2 drug suspects, seized heroin, heroin, 550 grams.

recently, drug detachment police learned at work, some people in the Xining area of long-term drug trafficking, the police immediately organized the police to carry out the investigation, the suspect Kwak drug trafficking network in Xining to find out. In late September, the suspect Kwak carrying goods back to Wang flew to buy foreign drugs, narcotics police detachment net for September 28th, suspects from overseas bought large quantities of drugs for trafficking, return to the city of Xining narcotics police detachment to enter Xining city roads and railways for 4 days under strict surveillance, pit waiting. read more

Solid open good bureau Xining Development Zone to build billion industrial base

this year, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone in the implementation of the 33 provincial key industrial projects of technological progress, and identified a number of new, continued construction and renovation (expansion) of key industrial projects, plans to invest 32 billion 500 million yuan, Gan River Industrial Park, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Nanchuan Industrial Park and Biotechnology Industrial Park will combine their respective industry positioning, the industrial base has been formed and comparative advantages, to cultivate and build one hundred billion yuan industrial base. read more

Xining former Camp Street Community Party members to promote the deeds of old deeds touched the hear

June 30th afternoon, in the former Camp Street Community Party activities, some residents of the district standing in front of the red sunset party members of the exhibition board, carefully read the story of the ten old party members on the board. Many residents watching emotion: I did not expect, these old people around there is such a glorious history. Too much admiration! I respect them in my heart."

Sun Zhilan said that his deeds, seventy years of age, the community party style exhibition, her eyes filled with tears, the excitement did not sleep all night, she said, her mind is all warm, strength, "but I can’t see the light touched, but also action. I want to continue to play the heat, do something for you." Sun Zhilan old man really is said to do, at noon on June 30th, the jurisdiction of a family of water pipes burst, Sun Zhilan and everyone together for more than an hour to solve the problem. read more

The city traffic work conference was held successfully

1 on the morning of 18 July, the Xining traffic working conference held in the Xining city traffic bureau, room seven. Provincial Transportation Department, the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, leadership, leadership team members, the city Department of Transportation Bureau staff, traffic district and county responsible person and the city’s passenger and freight transport business representatives, a total of more than 120 people attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection Bureau Secretary Xu Cunde, bureau Party Secretary Ma Haizhou on behalf of the municipal transportation bureau Party Committee for the annual work report, municipal government deputy mayor Xu Guocheng attended the meeting and made an important speech.
Zhang Zhi, deputy director of the Bureau of transportation of read more

Xining first vocational and technical school was identified as the national development and reform d

A new form of Xining city first occupation technical school in order to adapt to the economic growth mode of Xining city transformation, industrial restructuring and upgrading, the labor market needs a large number of skilled personnel, in order to reach the local economic construction of Xining city services, cultivate more and more excellent practical skills for the goal, to declare national secondary occupation education reform and development demonstration school the construction of the project in July 19, 2011, through nearly a year of unremitting efforts, recently officially by the state three ministries approved the project construction unitA new form of read more