Kailis recipient of dry humping by Perth treasurer

first_imgCalls to dismiss Perth’s treasurer Troy Buswell have come about after he allegedly performed sexual acts on Nicholas Kailis, managing director of Kailis Bros, at a private function over 12 months ago. It is alleged that the Buswell ‘dry humped’ the Perth businessman and began to moan whilst mocking sexual pleasure. The claims – denied by Mr Buswell – were made by his former partner and Independent MP Adele Carles who also stated that Mr Kailis tried to stop the incident from occurring. Ms Carles claims the incident occurred after he had attended a business lunch and the gentlemen had retreated to Perth property developer Nigel Satterley’s Peppermint Grove mansion. She said Mr Buswell had phoned her to pick him up from the mansion and the incident occurred 20 minutes after she arrived. “I was at my home he rang me and asked me to pick him up from Nigel’s,” Ms Carles told news.com.au. “He (Mr Buswell) was drunk.”She said Mr Buswell was on top of Mr Kailis in Mr Satterley’s lounge room. “[Mr Kailis] was wrestling with him and yelling that kind of stuff. I don’t recall the exact words Mr Kailis used but it was to the effect of, ‘get off, get off’. “He was trying to get him off. “I did attempt to pull Troy off of Kailis and I called to Troy, ‘get off him, get off him’, but to no avail. “I was no match for Troy and neither was Kailis.” “I confirm I attended a private function with friends, over 12 months ago. I have no further comments about my private life other than to categorically deny this version of events,” said Mr Buswell of the claims. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more