[Roud Léiwen] Sinani retrouvera de bons souvenirs au stade de Nicosie

first_img Partager Les Roud Léiwen affronteront la sélection chypriote en match amical le jeudi 26 mars au GSP Stadium de Nicosie, a informé la FLF mardi.Le stade en question, c’est là où le F91 Dudelange avait battu l’Apoel Nicosie lors du premier match de la phase de groupes de l’Europa League (3-4), en septembre dernier, avec un Danel Sinani en feu et qui retrouvera sûrement l’endroit avec plaisir.L’enceinte est par ailleurs la plus grande de Chypre, avec une capacité de près de 23 000 spectateurs. L’heure du coup d’envoi de cette rencontre amicale sera définie à une date ultérieure, précise la FLF.LQlast_img read more

Ellen Promises Sustained Decentralization

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says the over-centralization of decision making is a major cause for the slow pace of development in the country.She said the government will exert every effort to ensure that total decentralization of government’s decisions is achieved.Liberia News Agency (LINA) Margibi County Correspondent said President Sirleaf made the statement over the weekend in Kakata, Margibi County, when she dedicated the Margibi County Service Center (MCSC).She also observed that having realized the over-centralization of government’s functions, her administration has now embarked on the decentralization process by opening more county service centers.“Government’s decentralization program started when the Governance Commission Chairman, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, initiated the process, which has today come to fruition.”Dr. Amos Sawyer and his colleagues have been the major driving force behind the decentralization program and therefore the government must recognize them “for their tireless efforts,” said the President.She said the program consists of economic, political and administrative components and other essential elements that will ensure that government is brought to the doorsteps of the people.President Sirleaf also mentioned that the program started with the County Development Fund (CDF) and the Social Development Fund (SDF), which enable each county to receive direct budgetary support to their County Development Agenda (CDA) as well as the social development drives.She said in furtherance of the exercise, a draft of the Local Government Act has been submitted to the National Legislature for enactment into law, which will make way for the decentralization of government activities.Further, President Sirleaf said due to the significant nature of the Decentralization Program, it is only implementing the de-concentration component of the program pending the enactment into law of the Local Government Act before the National Legislature.She called on Margibians to take advantage of the Service Center and utilize it for their own good, adding, “You must take ownership of the center and avoid those vices that have the tendency to spoil it.”She also seized the opportunity to commend the European Union (EU) and the Kingdom of Sweden for their total commitment and support, which is making the Decentralization Program a reality.Making remarks, the Swedish State Secretary for International Development Cooperation, Ms. Ulrika Modeer, described decentralization as a very good form of governance.Madam Modeer said that the Swedish Government has approved 158 million euros for Liberia for the next five years.She said of the amount, a significant portion will go towards supporting government’s decentralization programs.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgSt Patrick’s Cavan 1-12 St Eunan’s Letterkenny 1-9 A GOAL in the 40th minute sorted out the first points of the Danske Bank MacRory Cup league in Drumragh, but it was a referee decision which swung this tie in favour of St Patrick’s.The goal came from a good move from Cavan with substitute Shane Fortune playing a super ball in for Brian Sheanon to shoot to the net from close range. After it however, Cavan seemed to lose their way a little and St Eunan’s came back to within a point with two minutes remaining.The Donegal lads then had an opportunity to score an equaliser from a free but, according to the referee took too long over it.He then threw the ball in, Cavan broke and Paul Leddy found the range. With Pearse Smyth adding another point in injury time, the Donegal boys were left disappointed.The star of the show from a Cavan point of view was Thomas Edward Donohue with three excellent first half points and another after the break. Those first half efforts came in response to a goal from Caolan McDaid in the 14th minute and helped Cavan edge ahead 0-6 to 1-2 at the break.David Tyrell tied the scores with a free on the resumption, only for Sheanon’s goal to split them again. Despite Tyrell’s accuracy from frees – he bagged six over the hour – it was to be a turnover from one apparently not taken quickly enough that ultimately denied his team a share of the spoils.St Patrick’s Cavan : Brian Sheanon 1-1, Thomas Edward Donohue 0-4, Ben Conaty 0-2, Thomas Galligan 0-1, Barry McKernan 0-1 free, Dara Kennedy 0-1, Paul Leddy 0-1, Pearse Smyth 0-1.St Eunan’s : Caolan McDaid 1-1, David Tyrell 0-6 frees, Michael Millan 0-1, Rory Carr 0-1. REF’S DECISION ROBS ST EUNAN’S COLLEGE IN MacRORY CUP BATTLE was last modified: October 9th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:MacRory CupSt.Eunan’s Collegelast_img read more

10 incredible animal species discovered in 2017

first_imgScience has identified some 2 million species of plants, animals and microbes on Earth; however, there are millions more left to discover. New species are constantly discovered and described, some of them weirder than the last.Read below for a list of 10 new species that have been discovered in 2017:1. NyctibatrachusSeven new frog species were discovered in the Western Ghats of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.The new frog species belong to the genus Nyctibatrachus, commonly known as Night Frogs. Out of the seven newly discovered frog species, four are miniature-sized species, which can comfortably sit on a coin or a thumb-nail and are among the smallest known frogs in the world, Prof S D Biju, who led the new study team said in a release, according to PTI.  Read:  Thumb-nail sized frogs along with 6 other species discovered in Western Ghats2. Neopalpa donaldtrumpiA new moth species was found in parts of California and Baja, Mexico.Donald Trump was gearing up for the inauguration ceremony for taking the oath to be sworn in as the President of the United States, when the species was discovered. The moth was named Neopalpa donaldtrumpi because of his yellowish crown. Dr Vazrick Nazari, the evolutionary biologist who discovered the moth, said he chose the name to bring awareness to conservation challenges of the species of moths.Read: New moth species named after Donald Trump3. Arcella gandalfiFound in Brazil, a new species of amoeba has funnel shaped shells that have a striking resemblance to a wizard’s hat.advertisementIt has been given the name Arcella gandalfi, after the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of Rings, a series of novel by JRR Tolkien. “New amoeba species are very rarely discovered because they’re so tiny and not widely studied,” said Daniel J G Lahr, professor at University of Sao Paulo, according to PTI. The researchers say that the camoebians are among the 30-45 lineages of amoebae, which are known to exist worldwide. During their evolution, they developed the ability to produce differently shaped outer carapace or shell to protect themselves.Read: Newly discovered Amoeba species named after wizard’s hat 4. Nettorhamphos radula A new clingfish species was found in a specimen jar from the 1970s in the collection of the Western Australian Museum in Welshpool, Australia.Nettorhamphos radula is a tiny translucent fish, just a few inches long but holds between 1,800 and 2,300 teeth in its duckbill-like mouth. No one has ever seen N. radula in the wild. What the team found, and reported April 14 in the journal Copeia, was not an average clingfish. It has about 10 times as many teeth as other clingfish, all of which are cone-shaped and point inward, toward the fish’s throat. This may suggest that the teeth are used for gripping.The fish also has a wide upper jaw. All these features call for a new genus, and not just a species, since this fauna is pretty-well studied but this species has many unique characteristics.5. Synalpheus pinkfloydi  A new species of pistol shrimp- small, burrowing crustaceans with one oversize claw was discovered in waters off the Pacific coast of Panama. The researchers who described the shrimp proposed a name for the new species that is inspired by the English rock band Pink Floyd, who just happened to be the scientists’ favourite band. Therefore, the species was named Synalpheus pinkfloydi. The crustacean sports a large snapping claw colored a brilliant pink, which provoked the researchers’ name choice. 6. Hydrolagus erithacus  A new ghost shark species with bucktooth was discovered in the region between South Africa and Antarctica in the southeastern Atlantic and southwestern Indian Oceans. This is the 50th ghost shark species known to science and is the second largest species of ghost sharks ever discovered!This previously unknown ghost shark has rabbit-like teeth and a bulky head, and is nearly three feet in length. 7. Avicularia avicularia  Three new species of massive, furry “bird-eater” spiders have been discovered, named Avicularia avicularia. The genus was first described in 1818, and they narrowed the number of species from 50 to 12, including these three species that hadn’t been discovered before. The three species were quite different from each other, but didn’t fit in any other genus. Therefore, the researchers named them also in the Avicularia genus.One, A. caei, is found only in Brazil. Another, A. lynnae, can be found in Ecuador and Peru. A. merianae, found only in Peru, was given its name in honor of Maria Sibylla Merian, a naturalist born in 1647 who famously painted an illustration of an Avicularia spider eating a bird.advertisement 8. Phanuromyia odo, Phanuromyia pauper, Phanuromyiaprinceps, corys, cranos, cudo, galeata and hjalmr Image source: phys.org A group of wasps with a horrific lifestyle has gained 15 new members. These newborns make a habit of laying their eggs in developing insects. Once a wasp baby emerges, it consumes its slushy host from the inside out.All of these species, which are mostly inhabitants of the neotropical region, which includes the tropical regions of North America, Central America and South America, have been named to match their strange lifestyle and appearances.One of the species is now called Phanuromyia odo after the character Odo, a shape-shifting changeling in the sci-fi television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Though this species does not change its shape, but it does sport a range of variable features– so much so that the scientists thought that they were dealing with two different species.The name of another wasp, Phanuromyia pauper, was inspired by Mark Twain’s ‘The Prince and the Pauper’, indicating that the wasp lacks so-called longitudinal costae, or sculpturing in the surface of the insect’s outer skeleton, at the base of the largest part of its abdomen.Scientists have also found a “prince” for this pauper wasp. Phanuromyiaprinceps, whose species name was inspired by Twain’s prince character, looks similar to P. pauper, except this species shows sculpturing — tiny punctures that form a curved chevron shape on its abdomen.Five of the new wasps were given species names — corys, cranos, cudo, galeata and hjalmr – that mean “helmet” in other languages (two from Greek words, two Latin and one Old Norse), referring to the insects’ big heads. 9. Harryplax severus  Named after Harry Potter wizards, this newfound crab was unearthed while digging along the shores of Guam, a US territory located in the western Pacific Ocean by late Harry Conley, an ex-Marine turned researcher.Researchers have identified it as a new genus twenty years after the discovery. Coincidentally, the scientists, one of them a self-proclaimed “Potterhead” seized the opportunity to name the undescribed critter Harryplax severus, after Harry Conley and JK Rowling’s character, Harry Potter.The crab is tiny, just 0.3 by 0.2 inches, and was found about 6.5 feet (2 meters) below the water’s surface during a low tide in 1998.Researchers state that they named it after Harry Potter because the wizard’s magical abilities aren’t too different from Conley’s talent for finding rare or new species, and that Conley’s work has “substantially advanced the cause of marine science,” they wrote in the study.Harryplax severus lives at deep depths, but has adapted to its environment by evolving to have small eyes, well-developed antennae and long, slender legs, the researchers said. 10. Hoolock gibbon  A new gibbon species was discovered in southwest Asia, and scientists have named it for the famous Star Wars character, Hoolock gibbon. This new name is connected both to the high tree-top home and the ideas around the primate in the Chinese history.The primate joins two other species in the genus of hoolock gibbons: the western (Hoolock hoolock) and eastern hoolock (H. leuconedys) gibbons, which are geographically divided by the Chindwin River.advertisementIn studying the genetic characteristics of wild gibbons and museum specimens, the researchers defined apparent differences between the Skywalker hoolock and H. leuconedys. For instance, the Skywalker gibbons’ eyebrows are thinner and farther apart, and the shape of their skulls and teeth differentiate them from the other hoolock gibbons. Interested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs? Click here to stay informed and know what is happening around the world with our G.K. and Current Affairs section.To get more updates on Current Affairs, send in your query by mail to education.intoday@gmail.comlast_img read more

Daily Mullets (December 4)

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. The sun came up. OSU will find out its bowl today.Not going deepJohn Helsley on Mike & Mike not taking more shots.There was a reference to OU’s defensive approach, with safeties playing deep, although such looks didn’t discourage all the other teams the Sooners faced from firing away. “It’s not up to me,” said Rudolph, who admitted that the wet ball, which was wetter when the Cowboys opted for a fast tempo, was an issue. “I tried to execute the plays that were called. “Do I wish that we could have gone deep more? Yeah, I probably do. But there were plenty of plays I could have executed to put us in better positions.” [NewsOK]I thought about this last night, and I was probably a little harsh on Rudolph yesterday in my 10 Thoughts. Not that he doesn’t deserve blame (because he does), but just that the OSU staff should have called more deep shots. That is unforgivable, especially against that secondary. Especially when it was working!This one was different for OUThis one ended with Steven Parker diving across soaked Owen Field like he’d just scored a goal in the Premier League. With Baker Mayfield running a victory lap. With Jarvis Baxter turning back flips. With coaches’ wives dancing with their husbands, and Joe Mixon dancing with kids who had spilled out of the student section.The Sooners got to celebrate their 38-20 victory over Oklahoma State and their latest league title not at Arrowhead Stadium or the Alamodome or Jerry World, but right here at home. It was the “what” that made this different than the rest. [Tulsa World]Don’t they all just sort of run together at some point?More on Gundy’s conservative effortsBill Haisten goes in on Gundy as well.This had been a fully loaded, streaking and seemingly confident Oklahoma State football team, coached by a man presumably starving for success against his archrival, so I expected to see maximum effort from the Cowboys and a Bedlam shootout. Instead, during Saturday’s rain-soaked first half, Mike Gundy and the Cowboys were conservative when they could have been aggressive. [Tulsa World]It’s difficult to reach any other conclusion than the one Berry and Bill reached.In Defense (?) of GundyThis will stun you, but Robert Allen defends Gundy’s pre-halftime decision.At the end of the half, Gundy let the clock run out instead of using his final time-out after Sanders had the kickoff return to the 50. I have no problem, it was a long shot at best and without a time-out it would have been hard to get even a field goal out of it. I wouldn’t have trusted Rudolph on a throw to the end zone at that point. However, at the end of the day, you’d probably like to have it back. I just think it was a long shot.  [Go Pokes]The point is not whether you would have gotten it. It was a 1 in a 100 chance. The point is what not even trying said to your team.Gundy goes softWhooo boy, Berry Tramel agrees with what I wrote on Saturday that Gundy’s big miss was the pre-halftime shot he didn’t take.OU won the Big 12 title with a 38-20 victory Saturday that was decided in the few minutes before and after intermission, when the man with the bold hair coached with the flair of a 1954 crewcut. Gundy, quite often a comparative daredevil, tensed up against the Sooners, which long has been the claims of OSU loyalists. I don’t know if that’s fair. It was more than fair Saturday. It was bedrock truth. [NewsOK]Check.Mayfield won BedlamThis is true. OU won because they had the best player on the field on Saturday (and it wasn’t Joe Mixon).With the Big 12 title on the line, Oklahoma lost one Heisman contender to an injury. Fortunately for the Sooners, they had another. By toppling the Cowboys, the Sooners became the first Big 12 team in seven years to run the table in conference play. [ESPN]The lone bright spotJustice Hill and Chris Carson rocked.One of the reasons for optimism going into this game for Oklahoma State was the suddenly surging rushing attack. While they didn’t get the victory, it was not for lack of a successful run game. Justice Hill had a big day, gaining 99 yards on 16 carries, while forcing four missed tackles. Chris Carson was just as good, gaining 91 yards on 12 carries while scoring a touchdown and forcing a missed tackle. Overall the Cowboys averaged 6.4 yards per rush and if they had gotten a little more out of their passing game this might have been a completely different game. [PFF]It’s weird to think that it was OSU’s passing game and not its running game that was the Bedlam downfall this year. Can you imagine telling yourself that in September?Riley says Mayfield played best game everOf course it came in Bedlam with the Big 12 title on the line.In a high-stakes game on a bad-weather day, he was stupendous. He was 13 of 19 for 288 yards and three touchdowns, and two of his biggest throws, a 67-yarder to Dimitri Flowers and a 42-yarder to Jeffery Mead, didn’t even result in touchdowns.”It’s the best I’ve seen him play,” Sooner offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley said. “Easily.” [NewsOK]Still my personal hell. Also, murder me..@TheOklahoman Bedlam sports cover – Baker Mayfield propels Oklahoma to its 10th conference title in the Stoops era. #Sooners #Cowboys pic.twitter.com/oRSSeJjlwi— James Poling (@James_Poling) December 4, 2016Was Rudolph really that bad?I say yes, and others agreed.Saturday was arguably the worst start of Rudolph’s career. He completed fewer than 50 percent of his passes for the first time. His 11 completions were a career low, while his 186 yards were the second fewest, ahead of only his 179 in last year’s Sugar Bowl. It was his first loss to a Big 12 team other than Baylor. Part of his struggles could be blamed on the damp weather, but Rudolph said the Cowboys prepared all week. Plus, his OU counterpart, Baker Mayfield, seemingly had few qualms with the weather, throwing for 288 yards and three touchdowns. [O’Colly]I’m not sure how No. 2’s performance was defensible.More NewsSome great photos of the game here … A guide to Selection Sunday …This is true.If OU had played Washington’s non-conference schedule, Sooners would be 12-0 and probably ranked No. 2 in the country… https://t.co/uZBiF5elus— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) December 4, 2016More PFBFive thoughts on Maryland’s 71-70 win … Basketball notebook: Jeffrey Carroll is playing great … Here’s the Sterns on Dede hit (it’s pretty bad) … Postgame show (I called Carson to chat) … Best Bedlam tweets … 10 Thoughts on OU’s Bedlam win … Big plays doom Pokes … This on Gundy’s conservative coaching by Kyle Cox is terrific … We did almost set a Bedlam rushing record which is weird.last_img read more

Midwest City Safety Evan Fields Eliminates OSU From Consideration

first_imgMidwest City safety prospect Evan Fields, a once top target for Oklahoma State, has eliminated the Cowboys from consideration in a list he released on twitter earlier this week. Saying he is cutting his recruitment “exclusively” to these schools.https://twitter.com/evan4_/status/808876655968157696Fields is a 2017 recruit, now with close to 30 Division I offers that include Notre Dame, Oregon, Arizona State, Memphis and others. Quite an impressive offer sheet.So what gives?Fields announced recently that he was wiping the slate clean with his recruitment due to some behind the scenes activity between coaches, although it’s unclear if that was in reference to the OSU staff. After hitting the reset button, OSU fell off his list – and OSU seemed to be moving in on another target, Corrion Ballard, in his place.Ballard is a junior college prospect from Blinn College. He announced on Wednesday night that he had committed to Utah over OSU and Texas Tech.So … Will OSU be getting back in the Evan Fields sweepstakes?At this point it seems unlikely.Based on their target that emerged in junior college safety Corrion Ballard, it would appear that OSU may be looking for a prospect who could come in and contribute immediately to help replace Jordan Sterns.OSU has several committed prospects at the position with Kris McCune, Tre Sterling, Malcolm Rodriguez, and Lamarcus Morton – all of which are currently high school seniors.I’d expect that should they take another safety in the class, they’ll be looking for someone who can fill in immediately – either a junior college prospect or a highly-rated recruit who projects to play early. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Houston Trolls Baylor After Loss With “Only Undefeated Team In Texas” Tweet

first_imgHouston trolls Baylor after loss with Houston flag and red Texas.houston trolls baylor after lossThere are just five undefeated teams left in college football, and only one of them resides in Texas. Houston, behind an incredible fourth quarter comeback against Memphis that featured three touchdowns in the game’s final 13 minutes, is now 10-0 on the season. Baylor, after falling to Oklahoma 44-34, is now 8-1.The Cougars decided to have a bit of fun at the Bears’ expense, sending out an interesting tweet right as the OU vs. Baylor game ended. Check it out:Houston – the ONLY UNDEFEATED team in the state of Texas. #HTownTakeover #GoCoogs pic.twitter.com/0Ky9BB3Kfj— #HTownTakeover (@UHCougarFB) November 15, 2015Sadly, the two don’t play this year, so there’s no way to actually determine which team is better. Regardless, it’s well-played by the school.last_img read more

Professor suggests profound culture shift needed at Canada Post

first_imgCALGARY (660 NEWS) – With rolling strikes continuing to put mail carriers on the picket line around Canada, citizens may be concerned about the future of mail.Canada Post is still negotiating with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, after a strike stopped deliveries on Thursday in Calgary before moving to British Columbia on Friday.Earlier in the week, massive delays were caused by strikes in Ontario which closed off the crown corporation’s main distribution centre.CUPW says Canada Post is not listening to their concerns over health and safety, payment to rural mail carriers and other issues.But it’s possible this latest dispute is another symptom of the times we live in.“Canada Post is going to have to undergo a profound culture shift,” said Ian Lee, Associate Professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.Lee has written several papers on Canada Post, and says one problem is they continue to treat their service as if it were the same as it was 200 years ago.“Canada Post has to be reinvented as a valuable part of e-commerce companies.”Lettermail continues to decline sharply — to the tune of a $123 million loss in revenue in 2017 — but parcel deliveries are rising.CUPW contends staff are overworked as they balance traditional lettermail delivery with increased parcel drop-offs. Lee said parcels are easier to deliver, because you don’t need to service every address every day.“An e-commerce shipper only goes to an address when they have something to take. They don’t walk to that address five days a week.”Canada Post has an advantage, with access to over 16 million addresses around the country. However, the fact is the majority of those addresses do not need any more traditional letter mail. Along with that, most of the ones who do need it are older customers.“So how do I put this delicately,” said Lee. “These people are going to depart from this Earth in the relatively near future, and that issue will go away.”It’s a symptom of our digital age, Lee believes, as companies tell us to stop getting bills delivered on paper because it’s much quicker to get information sent through the internet at the speed of light.Speaking of age, returning to employee concerns with Canada Post, the average age of employees is also going up. In 2014, CUPW reported the average age of benefit plan participants had gone up to 48.7 and the amount of incident reports are going up with them.Right now, there are over 60,000 employees at Canada Post, with numbers dwindling. Their 2017 annual report says over 15,000 employees will leave in the following five years, and Lee said more cuts will be needed if the organization and the CUPW union can survive.“I think that the future for CUPW is pretty bleak. Because it’s going to be a much smaller union. If Canada Post survives at all, it will be a much smaller union because you need a smaller head count to deliver e-commerce parcels. So its best days are behind it.”Then, there are the pensions. There’s $6 billion in unfunded liability, and Lee said there could be a scenario where the government of the time rolls that pension into the much larger public service pension, which funds MP and other government pensions.Simply put, the business of mail is changing and Canada Post could be left in the dust as people go online for more products, and continue to move away from the traditional deliveries. That would mean CUPW members lose out on benefits and market access.“Millennial’s aren’t going to suddenly start writing gazillions of letters to mom and dad and grandpa. We’re so deep into the digital age — people with their smartphones, and social media and texting and so forth — it’s not coming back,” said Lee.Without any sort of shift, a strange scenario would be presented.“Where you pay 60,000 people to show up to work and drive down the streets with imaginary letters and envelopes that do not exist because nobody’s writing them anymore, and then pretend to deliver them all over the country.”Lee said no government would support that sort of situation.At the end of the day, it’s an uncomfortable prospect to face, but Canada Post and CUPW are working against their own customers if they stay the course and make only small adjustments.“So Canada Post is being incrementally privatized as we speak. By whom? By all of us.”last_img read more

Highway 97 closed between MacKenzie and Prince George

first_imgUPDATE #2: Cpl. Madonna Saunderson with North District RCMP said that the collision involved a single vehicle, and occurred at approximately 6:50 a.m. A tractor-trailer b-train carrying wood chips overturned on Highway 97, spilling wood chips all over the highway. Cpl. Saunderson said that the driver of the tractor-trailer was uninjured in the collision.UPDATE – Officials believe the Highway will re-open at 11:30 a.m.FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Highway 97 is closed between MacKenzie and Prince George due to a vehicle incident. According to Drivebc.ca, Highway 97 is closed 20km north of Bear Lake.  There is no detour around the collision and there is no estimate on when the road will re-open.#BCHwy97 Closed 20km North of #BearLake due to vehicle incident. Assessment in progress. https://t.co/mNdmGOkL85 #CityOfPG #MackenzieBC— Drive BC (@DriveBC) June 28, 2018The next update on the status of the Highway will be shared at 9 a.m.  For updates, watch this page, or visit www.drivebc.calast_img read more

The New Adventure

first_imgA lot of actors have entered the digital space in the last couple of years. Was it an organic process or a deliberate decision for you? Arjun Rampal (AR): It happened organically, but yes, I was very interested in this space. I just feel that there are a lot of stories that you can tell here that you cannot make films out of. It might be because they are lengthy or there is too much to say or you don’t have that kind of freedom. Here, in the digital world, you do have that, so it is a very exciting path to walk on. Also Read – Hilarie Burton, Jeffery Dean Morgan tie the knotAs actors, we keep saying that we want to reinvent ourselves, we want to do something new, but we end up going and doing the same thing in every film. We fool ourselves that we are growing. Sometimes you feel that you are. But when you can actually push the envelope, which this platform allows you to do, it is very cool. It teaches you a lot and you can take a lot away from it. A lot of actors say they don’t see any difference between working on a film and on a long-format show. What are your thoughts? Also Read – ‘Vaastav’ gave me the real sense of being an actor: Sanjay Dutt on film’s 20-year anniversaryAR: Yes, the biggest difference is the format because the craft is the same. Your process and approach are the same. But you get more time with the character, because there is lot more material to work with. You get more time to work on it and you shoot a lot more in the web space, in the same amount of time you would take to shoot a film. It is very hectic and tiring. Your prep has to be very solid before you get to the set to shoot. You have to go there really well-prepared. What was the prep that you had to do for this role? AR: The first thing you need to do is experience what it is to fly. I did a lot of simulation where I went to classes, flew the simulator aircraft, took off, landed, turned planes around, learnt which buttons were for what, how to move the throttle, learnt about radar, altitude, the different codes that you can use and much more. And Jaaved? We don’t get much information about your character in the trailer. Jaaved Jaaferi (JJ): My character is a billionaire and he has kind of been there, done that, seen everything. He is fed up of everything around him. His family life isn’t exactly going right either, so he has nothing much to look forward to. He has all the money in the world but his relationships are not working and there is an emptiness in him that he wants to fill. He is looking for something but he doesn’t know what it is. And in that journey, there was something that happened with him when he was a child. He has only one kind of connection with a spiritual entity which is probably based on luck or something. And he keeps this connect until destiny takes him on this particular flight where there are things happening with the other characters. How the lives of the people on that plane intertwine in that moment and how he in the last few hours of his life understands so much more and achieves what he was looking for, through another person who is there with him, shows how destiny brings people together to make sure that things happen as they are supposed to. Arjun, from what we saw in the trailer, your character is suffering from a trauma which makes him a little dark, a little flawed. How did you mentally prepare for the part? AR: There is a process that you have to use when you play disturbed characters. It’s not like you can just walk on to the set and say, let’s do this. (Laughs) You think like them and that comes from discussing a lot with your director, which Vijay (Lalwani) and I did. It also came from reading about depressed people. I read a lot about what causes depression, why it happens, how it is sometimes a chemical imbalance, a void that one feels. More and more people these days are facing depression as a result of social media. You think you are with the world, you think you are around other people, but you are isolated. Within the youth, depression and suicide numbers have gone up instead of down. Why is that happening? It is happening because we are isolating ourselves. We are a social species. We need to be with other people; we need to be part of a pack. It’s not just social, it’s your family, your religion, these are all groups where you can go and interact on a human level, in a way you cannot through a mobile phone. You see all of that and you decide how much to draw from what and put inside you and go forward. The web space was considered liberating partly because of the absence of censorship. Now there is talk of censorship on the web. As an actor, what is your take? JJ: In television, censorship works by saying that you cannot show certain things in certain time slots. But who controls how and when someone watches TV? There is a regulatory process when a film is in theatres because you can check ID. But in television there is no such thing. And if it is not there, the web is surely impossible. Can you stop a kid from just opening a phone and watching something on the internet? No. That is the nature of the web. Everything is available online; there is pornography, the dark web and unlimited access. The censor should be within you. Jaaved, you are known for your talent in the comedy genre. But with the horror film Lupt last year and now this mysterious character in The Final Call, you seem to be venturing into a lot of new spaces. JJ: My first film was Meri Jung, where I played a negative character. Then I played leads in films and did many roles in films like Jawani Zindabad and Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India, with stars like Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. I danced too and you can say that the kind of dance we are seeing today in this industry, I was a contributor to it since my time. I did other films, like Jajantaram Mamantaram, a children’s film where I was the lead. Then went on to do characters in movies such as Salaam Namaste, Besharam, Bang Bang! In some of these films I have played negative characters too. I had also done serious roles in films like Deepa Mehta’s Fire in 1996. But now suddenly, for the past few years, you have a lot to play with. Even if you like biryani, you cannot eat it every day. So it is as an actor. You love something but you cannot do it every day. I love comedy and people in the country love comedy. The audience is dealing with so much every day, the reality, the in-your-face harshness, that they just want to come out and have a good laugh. And people are producing content accordingly.last_img read more