Check Out Laura Benanti & Connie Britton’s Country Duet on Nashville!

first_img View Comments Laura Benanti Did you hear? Laura Benanti is on Nashville! The Broadway funny lady appeared on the ABC hit again this week, and this time, we got to see her show off those guitar skills she’s been bragging about. Take a look below as Sadie Stone, played by Benanti, duets with Connie Britton’s Rayna Jaymes on the country classic “Gasoline and Matches.” In fact, they sound so great, they sang it twice! Once on stage at a concert, and the other just after almost dying in a Thelma and Louise-esque paparazzi car chase. You know, as one does.center_img Star Fileslast_img read more

Stresslines: Beat stress eating

first_imgStresslines: Beat stress eating Dr. Susan Mitchell Let’s face it. Stress is up and so are blood pressure, cholesterol, migraines, and all the other side effects of a schedule that is continually jam-packed with way more “to dos” than is possible in 24 hours. Add to that the aftermath of 9-11 with people stress eating, drinking more, sleeping less and even fearful of what may lie ahead. This uncompromising stress and resulting stress eating not only affects your health but your mental alertness and focus and ultimately your quality of work. In this three-part series, we’ll look at stress and its link to emotional eating and how you as practicing attorneys can apply stress-less strategies to beat stress eating.It’s estimated that 85 percent of all visits to the doctor are for stress related illness, including such problems as tension headaches, TMJ, and backaches. Stress describes the demands and pressures that you experience to some degree each day. The stressful situation is called the stressor and the symptoms you notice when stressed such as an upset stomach or sweaty palms are your stress response. People respond differently to stress. They may:• Turn to food.• Sleep more than usual.• Start to drink or use drugs.• Withdraw from friends and family.As your stress gets worse, you may find yourself skipping breakfast and lunch or both, grabbing a bite between clients and then coming home at the end of the day starving when what I call “arsenic hour” sets in. You’ll eat anything that doesn’t kill you. You’re so hungry that you’re not aware of taste, nutrition or quantity. Immediate gratification is what you need to be satisfied. Eating seems to make you feel more relaxed and calm. Do you find at these times that your choices usually include cookies, chips, cake, candy or other snack items? Have you noticed that the word stressed is desserts spelled backwards? It’s so true, isn’t it? Well, you’re stress eating.Persistent stressors result in both energy depletion and energy reserve depletion. You can’t always change the stressful situations in your life but you can alter the way you feed your body. If your caseload hasn’t changed but your energy level has, try these two tips to beat stress eating and maintain a high level of performance:1. Eat within 20-30 minutes of the time you get up no matter when that is. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism and sends fuel to the brain to help you wake up and get focused. Specifically, by including a protein-rich food source as part of your breakfast your body produces the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, both responsible for increased alertness and concentration. starting out your day powered up, it cuts down on hunger, fatigue, and stress eating later in the day and can improve your performance. If you struggle with breakfast, try quick fixes that include a protein-carbohydrate combination, such as peanut butter on a bagel with grape juice or grapes; or string cheese and a pear.2. Choose foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as strawberries, oranges and grapefruit, blueberries, kiwi, and cantaloupe. The key here is color. The intense red, yellow-orange, and dark green pigments tell you that a food is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as vitamin C, potassium, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, etc. These foods and the nutrients they contain fight stress by helping keep your immune system strong. Dr. Susan Mitchell is a nutrition communication expert based in Orlando. She consults as an expert witness on cases involving nutrition issues and can be reached at or (407) 629-1101. This column is published under the sponsorship of the Quality of Life and Career Committee. The committee’s Web site is at . The Quality of Life and Career Committee, in cooperation with the Florida State University College of Law, also has an interactive listserv titled “The Healthy Lawyer.” Details and subscription information regarding the listserv can be accessed through the committee’s Web site or by going directly to . Stresslines: Beat stress eatingcenter_img June 15, 2002 Regular Newslast_img read more

RPPTL Section scores legislative victories

first_img RPPTL Section scores legislative victories Mark D. Killian Managing Editor From the creation of a Florida Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act to revisions to the Dead Person’s Statute, the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section had an ambitious legislative agenda this year and is pleased with the results.“With the exception of one bill that dealt with revocable trusts and guardianships, all of the proposals and legislation we either had initiated or were supporting passed,” said RPPTL Section Legislative Chair Sandra Diamond. “So we considered it a very successful legislative session.”Diamond said the section’s efforts were generally well received by legislators from both parties in areas of the law “that don’t always have a lot of curb appeal.“It is hard when you get to disclaimers, which is a very technical and dense bill, but is extremely important to the people who practice in the field,” Diamond said. “It is not one that generates lots of enthusiasm among the average members of the legislature, so we are extremely grateful for the support of many members of the legislature.”Diamond said the section works hard to get lawmakers to pay attention to issues that generally don’t generate headlines, by providing straightforward assessments of exactly “what our bills are going to do and what they won’t do.“We had strong support from many members of the legislature and are very appreciative of their willingness to work with us on many of these very technical issues,” she said. H ere is a summary of section initiatives that passed, as provided by the section’s legislative counsel: • CS/SB 1368 (Disclaimer): This bill creates the Florida Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act. It prescribes the general provisions for a person to disclaim interest in property, including property jointly held, and it provides for other appropriate procedures for disclaimer of interests in various types of property. • CS/HB 523 (“Dead Person’s” Statute–Repeal): The bill repeals the “Dead Persons” statute and provides for a hearsay exception permitting the testimony of interested persons regarding oral communications with a deceased person or mentally incompetent person. • CS/HB 531 (Mortgages–Certificates of Release): The bill authorizes title insurance agents to serves as agents of mortgagors or mortgage services for purposes of issuing certificates of release for mortgaged property. The bill establishes the procedures to be followed, the content of the certificate of release and liability of title insurance agents engaged in the activity. • CS/SB 660 (Assets Held in Benefit Plans): The bill provides for protection from creditors of those assets held in health savings accounts, medical savings accounts, education savings accounts, retirement “benefit plans,” and others maintained in accordance with plans pre-approved by the Internal Revenue Service. It also contains a state foundation for “hurricane savings account” advocated by the chief financial officer. • CS/SB 1184 (Statutory Way of Necessity): The bill provides for a statutory way of necessity to access landlocked property, not accessible through common law way of necessity, regardless of the property’s location, use, or intended use. Also, the bill provides for a reversion to existing law if the provisions of the bill are found unconstitutional by a court and that finding is upheld on appeal. • CS/CS/HB 1459 (Real Estate Brokers’ Liens): The bill is a section initiative that was worked out with the Florida Realtors Association to create the Commercial Real Estate Sales Commission Lien Act. It is the product of the joint working group and accommodates the concerns expressed by Gov. Bush in his 2004 veto message, and creates a lien on the sales proceeds for a commercial real estate sale under the terms provided in the legislation. • CS/CS/SB 370 (Satisfaction of Judgments): The bill is a comprehensive rewrite of the provisions of Ch. 55, relating to the satisfaction of judgments, and it includes three of the section’s initiatives, including: • A provision amending §55.141 relating to the satisfaction of foreign judgments; • An amendment to §222.01 concerning homestead protection; and • A change to §701.02 regarding mortgage security interests. T he following is a list of bills that were not RPPTL initiatives, but were supported by the section, and passed this session: • CS/CS/HB 113 (Construction Contracting–Bonds and Liens): The bill makes changes to Ch. 489 concerning payment bonds on public contracts, prohibiting restrictions on certain classes of persons, and increasing penalties for noncompliance. It also makes changes to Ch. 713 concerning disclosure requirements, mechanics for filing a claim of lien, and the enforceability of liens. • CS/HB 897 (Trust Powers): The bill, an initiative of the Florida Bankers Association, concerns the exercise of trust powers, and it expands the definition of “security account,” provides for the resignation of a trustee, and authorizes the trustee to employ persons to assist with the trustee’s duty and pay for the costs of employment. The UPIA “glitch” portion of the bill, jointly supported by the RPPTL Section, the FBA and the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, provides a revised definition for “unitrust amount;” provides a definition for “undistributed income;” provides for the appointment of a “disinterested trustee” in appropriate circumstances; sets special rules for money or properties received by certain targeted entities; and makes other changes to the Uniform Principle and Income Act.• CS/SB 2348 (Intangible Tax Rate): The bill reduces the annual tax rate of the intangible personal property tax to 0.5 mill on each dollar value of taxable property, effective January 1, 2006.The full text of each enrolled bill and its status with the governor’s office is available at RPPTL Section scores legislative victories June 15, 2005 Managing Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Billy Joel Gives Nassau Coliseum a Big Shot Closing Concert

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New Outdoor brochure and offer of Baška presented

first_imgAt the Tourist Information Center and at web site From today, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Baška can download a new Outdoor brochure in which you will find an overview of all important activities and information of the outdoor offer in Baška.We have realized a more organized and safer approach to the outdoor offer through UtOutdoor maps Baška – Punat – Stara Baška˝, which offer a thorough overview of promenades, hiking and biking trails in Baška and the surrounding areas. The popular outdoor map now has an accompanying brochure where you can find all the interesting things, suggestions and information on how to take full advantage of an active vacation in Baška.”The natural beauties of Baška offer an ideal scenography for various types of outdoor activities, and in recent years we have been trying to use the full potential for active vacation and life in Baška. More than 90 km of promenades, bicycle routes and historical and cultural locations have given us the impetus to develop events and manifestations that have placed Baška among the unavoidable destinations for all lovers of active and sporty lifestyle. ” they point out from the Tourist Board of Baška and add that the brochure is available in Croatian, English, German and Italian.The diversity of the outdoor offer in Baška enables every visitor a wide range of activities, which makes the Baška outdoor experience very interesting. Thus, 19 hiking and 3 cycling routes and 3 different climbing areas were marked. If guests prefer to enjoy sea sports, in Baška you can sail, dive, surf, kayak… in any case in Baška they know very well that the motive for coming is not accommodation, but just diverse, quality and authentic content.Side dish: OUTDOOR BAŠKA brochurelast_img read more

Dutch insurer ASR takes over De Eendragt

first_imgInsurer ASR has taken over De Eendragt, the life insurer for collective pension arrangements. In a joint statement with the €1.7bn De Eendragt, ASR said it wanted to fully integrate the small life insurer into its own organisation over time.“Last year, we became increasingly aware that joining a larger player would offer our affiliated employers and participants the best options for continuity,” a spokeswoman for ASR quoted Albert Bakker, director of De Eendragt, as saying.He added that the life insurer’s solvency “would soon meet all legal requirements again”. Until ten years ago, De Eendragt was the pension fund for the companies of former paper manufacturer Koninklijke Van Gelder Papier. However, it was forced to change its approach after supervisor DNB concluded its business model of managing assets in ring-fenced accounts was at odds with the then-new Pension Act.Currently, the life insurer has 37 affiliated employers with a total of 22,000 participants.In an interview in IPE sister publication PensioenPro last year, Philip Menco, De Eendragt’s former director, indicated that the company was suffering under the stricter accounting rules of Solvency II, which required a much larger contribution from new clients to the insurer’s financial buffers.As a result, De Eendragt was no longer able to compete and failed to attract new clients, he said.In addition, the increasing supervisory burden as well as falling interest rates also affected the life insurer, according to Menco, who said that it had been looking into the options for improving its buffers through co-operation with other players since 2010.However, in its annual report for 2013, De Eendragt’s board said that it had decided to continue independently, “since a strategic survey into co-operation had not produced a satisfactory result”.According both parties, the takeover is subject to approval from the regulators. ASR and De Eendragt did not disclose the cost of the transaction.Jos Baeten, chief executive officer at ASR, said that the acquisition of De Eendragt was an important step in realising ASR’s goal of gaining a bigger foothold in the Dutch pensions market.Last year, ASR increased its pension liabilities by €140m through the extension of contracts, new contracts with largely employers in the SME sector as well as through buyouts of pension funds.In its annual report it also said that the 50% ASR-owned Brand New Day PPI, which focuses on DC plans, doubled its number of client employers to 1,000.last_img read more

PFZW passes halfway point for carbon reduction target

first_imgLast month civil service scheme ABP said it had hit its carbon reduction target two years earlier than expected.Elsewhere in its annual report, PGGM detailed an initial malfunction of its invoicing system for PFZW, which had caused 3,000 of the 22,000 employers affiliated with the healthcare scheme to receive wrongly calculated invoices.It also reported “incidents” involving two pension fund clients. Although it didn’t identify the schemes, PFZW’s annual report cited that 36,000 of its participants hadn’t received the mandatory information letters for joining or leaving their scheme in time.PFZW said that systems and processes had been improved and that the letters had finally been sent.Dutch regulator DNB said in April that it planned to assess the adequacy of pension fund operations.PGGM recently warned that its IT system would not be able to cope with the Netherlands’ proposed new pension system.Meanwhile, the asset manager said its innovation programme to reduce costs had saved €50m since it started three years ago. It also achieved PFZW’s goal of a 20% costs saving across the entire investment chain.The asset manager added that it had recouped €3.1m of investment losses as a result of legal procedures. Currently, it is a participant in a US class action against Brazilian oil company Petrobras, which saw its market value halve in the wake of a corruption scandal. Several other European pension funds have already reached settlements with the company, including Sweden’s AP1, Dutch scheme AVH, and the UK’s Universities Superannuation Scheme. PGGM posted a net profit of €2.9m in 2017, compared with €1.3m in the previous year. PGGM, the asset manager of the €197bn Dutch healthcare scheme PFZW, is halfway to achieving its main client’s target of halving its carbon footprint by 2020.In its annual report for 2017, it revealed that it had reduced CO2 emissions in PFZW’s investment portfolio by 28% relative to 2014.The €218bn asset manager said it also wanted to reduce its own carbon footprint, which had increased 9% last year as a result of its number of staff rising from 1,322 to 1,372.It added that an increase in direct investments had also led to more air travel by staff.last_img read more

BTAO seeks higher illegal parking fines

first_imgBACOLOD City – The BacolodTraffic Authority Office (BTAO) wants to raise illegal parking fees in abid to deter motorists from parking their vehicles where they’re not supposedto. BTAO chief Lieutenant Colonel LuisitoAcebuche said he is appealing to members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod if theycould discuss the feasibility of hiking the fee from P100 to a higher amount. The BTAO chief noted that sinceMonday, they have intensified their crackdown against illegally-parked vehiclesafter the Department of Interior and Local Government issued MemorandumCircular No. 2020-033. The department cited a displacementstrategy for those affected by the operations, such as removed vehicles orvendors. There will be a “designation of unused spaces for relocation, andprovision of alternative livelihood for vendors./PN Government units, especially at thevillage level, should clear local roads of all illegal obstructions startingFeb. 17, and maintain roads already cleared, DILG said in a statement. The penalty adjustment, according toAcebuche, would instill discipline among motorists and stopping illegal parkingwhich is among the major causes of traffic congestion in the metro. The new memorandum enjoins officialsto clear local roads in 75 days under the second round of a campaign thatearlier saw the unclogging of primary and secondary streets.last_img read more

Documentary of 2020 Women’s T20 WC released on Netflix

first_imgDUBAI: Cricket fans will get a chance to relive all the action, excitement and emotion from the Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 as ‘Beyond the Boundary’, a retrospective documentary, makes it’s debut worldwide on Netflix. The documentary, which will be available from Friday on Netflix, celebrates the 17-day tournament, which culminated with hosts Australia beating India in the summit clash in front of a record 86,174 spectators at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The documentary is the first piece of ICC original content to be carried by a streaming service. It captures the progress of the teams and the emotions of players as they discuss preparing for such a big event and turning points in different matches stated ICC in a media release. IANS Also Watch: Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma Condemns Attack in Zubeen Garglast_img read more

Haden’s legacy about to be defined

first_imgYou’re going to read a fair number of prepared statements from USC Athletic Director Pat Haden in the next 12 months.With Frank Cruz’s termination and Michael Cooper’s resignation, Haden will assumedly announce new coaches for baseball and women’s basketball, respectively, at some point. For women’s basketball, it “could be soon,” Haden acknowledged last Wednesday. Perhaps this week?And depending on how the football team performs in the fall — an outcome steeped in unpredictability based on the past two very different seasons — he could also be announcing another new head coach. Time will tell.All this, of course, comes on the heels of last week’s hiring of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Andy Enfield as the school’s men’s basketball coach.Simply put, Haden, now in his third year as the Trojans’ athletic director, faces his chance to overhaul the breadwinner sports — the “Big Four,” if you will.This is where he’ll leave his mark at USC. What happens over this calendar year will likely shape his legacy. And there’s plenty of pressure to get things right, though he might not easily admit it.“I don’t feel any pressure,” Haden jokingly quipped following Enfield’s introductory press conference at the Galen Center last week.But there is pressure because, well, making the right hire carries plenty of benefits.“I think you always want to make the right hire,” Haden said Wednesday. “If you get it right, not necessarily in football or basketball but, you can have coaches for 10, 20 or 30 years.”The former Rose Bowl-winning quarterback and Rhodes Scholar took over as USC’s athletic director in August 2010, replacing Mike Garrett, who stepped down in the wake of NCAA-levied sanctions earlier that summer. It no doubt was an embarrassing period for the university, which was cited for an overall “lack of institutional control” of its athletic program.What followed included four years of probation, a two-year bowl ban for football and scholarship reductions for football and men’s basketball. In addition, the football, men’s basketball and women’s tennis teams all had to vacate dozens of victories.This was egg on its face. This was a low point.Tapping Haden, who sat on USC’s Board of Trustees at the time, was crisis management. He didn’t need an introduction. If there was a poster child of a student-athlete, Haden might’ve been it. His resume said it all. From 1987 to 2010, he was a partner and managing director of Riordan, Lewis & Haden, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm. Prior to that, in the mid-1980s, he was an attorney at the Los Angeles office of Lillick, McHose & Charles. He was, to  put it mildly, a smart guy.Haden’s foremost task included cleaning up the mess of his predecessor and restoring respect to the department. He naturally talked about winning across all varsity sports, but seemingly every statement that followed mentioned doing so ethically and in the “right way,” a not-so-subtle dig at the previous Heritage Hall administration.To accomplish those basic goals in Garrett’s wake was a tough task, but it’s been done. Haden, with the assistance of Vice President for Athletic Compliance Dave Roberts, has more than tripled the size of the school’s compliance department, which is tasked with monitoring coaches and student-athletes so that they remain, as the name suggests, in compliance with NCAA rules and regulations.Under the watch of Haden and then-new President C. L. Max Nikias, the university also retained the services of the Freeh Group to oversee compliance issues and assess the athletic department. They prepared a report to the school with recommendation in the fall of 2010. The group, headed by former FBI director Louis J. Freeh, was also used by Pennsylvania State University in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sexual-abuse scandal last summer.Not to mention that when it comes to public relations, Haden has handled the situation with great aplomb.Because of all that, and because of his on-the-field success as a USC quarterback, Haden will always be thought of fondly by many around the athletic department. He’s been dutiful when it comes to his alma mater. He answered the call to serve as athletic director. His place in Trojan lore is safe.But his ability, or inability, to turn baseball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and football into perennial contenders on a national level will ultimately become his lasting legacy. Fair or unfair, that’s the expectation many hold.His ultimate success as AD rests on that.Quite a number of USC-centric message boards have, over the last year, collectively referred to Haden as “Patient Pat,” a sign of the mounting frustration among a growing segment of the fanbase. They’ve been waiting for Haden to make a slam-dunk hire, and to reinvigorate programs such as men’s basketball, which has enjoyed success over the last decade (see: the Tim Floyd years) but not much sustained success.Haden gets that chance at a “reset” on the hardwood with Enfield. He’ll get that chance on the diamond, too. Maybe even the gridiron in a year’s time. Who knows?It won’t be long until we know whether or not Haden’s patience has paid off.He arrived on the scene as the bright All-American quarterback heading the cleanup crew. We’ll see if he leaves with any additional bullet points on that already lengthy resume. “The 19th Hole” runs Tuesdays. 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