How to make good use of e-commerce in 2011

small and medium-sized enterprises is an important part of promoting the development of national economy. In particular, it plays a more and more important role in ensuring the moderate growth of national economy, alleviating the pressure of employment, realizing the country through science and education, optimizing the economic structure and so on. At present, with the steady rise of China’s industrial economy, small and medium enterprises to play their own advantages, huge market potential. It is reported that the total number of SMEs in China has accounted for more than 99% of the total number of enterprises, the creation of the final product and service value equivalent to about 60% of gdp. read more

Home appliances online shopping more than two hundred billion people break through high-end applianc

large size smart TV, on the door refrigerator, large capacity washing machine, with intelligent function of high-end air purifier…… Today, more and more people on the Internet to buy these expensive high-end appliances. Yesterday released the 2014 home appliances online shopping analysis report shows that China’s home appliance online shopping market in 2014 exceeded 200 billion yuan, an increase of 51%. High end as one of the driving forces to promote online sales growth in 2014. read more

Li Guoqing said Dangdang earnings was misread the actual net profit of 19 million yuan

[Abstract] earnings data is 2 million yuan, only about the actual profit of about $1/10.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) June 13th news, following last year, the end of the line after the exchange of flash purchase, new flash purchase business line also allows Dangdang recent rally.

in the new flash sales business launched, CEO Li Guoqing revealed a set of data in micro-blog, said the first quarter of this year, the actual net profit of amounted to 19 million yuan, while earnings data is 2 million yuan, of which 17 million yuan excluding foreign exchange losses. read more

Micronet micro network the disappearance of the 1 million largest, hit all enterprises!

in 2015, a total of 1 hundred million of the performance of the furniture company, the success of the trade battle, but hidden behind a painful business failure……

lost 1 million single


14 years, the main European Furniture Companies in fishing for gold – Guangzhou rooted. As one of the European furniture company, imperceptibly attracted many admiring customers quickly, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen has established 5 branches.

Beijing branch listed soon, a shop to buy furniture customers, happens to fall in love with the European sofa has been booked. Because this sofa is as high as 1 million, the whole store is only the case of the 1 sets, missed the customer. Until the quarterly meeting, the manager gathered in Guangzhou, Guangzhou found that companies with sofa is still a unsold read more

Taobao mall shut down and selling shop table business blacklisted

newspaper news (reporter Ma Wenting) reporter yesterday in (micro-blog) forum saw, buyers in the 315 Rights Forum Post said, bought in the Taobao group purchase "Juhuasuan" on the platform of a Casio is fake. In this regard, Taobao Mall (micro-blog) commitments to give the corresponding payment of the deposit; businesses will also be dealt with in all disputes that the implementation of repaying, thereafter shall not set up shop in Taobao mall again.

yesterday, reporters have not by the buyer in the post the link, open shop selling table "Amoy easy to watch shop". read more

Amazon Chinese overseas purchase for the first time to 3C

yesterday (April 23rd), Amazon announced China overseas purchase store for the first time to expand the consumer electronics field, the first line covering more than and 70 brands, nearly a thousand pieces of goods, the main category covers computer and peripheral, digital, intelligent mobile phone accessories etc..

for the differentiation advantage of overseas purchase of consumer electronic products, Amazon vice president Chinese Li Yanchuan said that the on-line overseas purchase of electronic products, most of the Amazon Chinese exclusive products, and the United States Amazon direct mail same price, an average of two weeks of 3 days, the fastest speed of delivery. read more

2013 China B2B transaction size 7 trillion and 100 billion ring by 9.7%

according to the latest release of "2013 Chinese B2B e-commerce market data monitoring report" data show that in 2013 Chinese B2B e-commerce market transactions amounted to 7 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 19.7%; 2013 Chinese B2B e-commerce market revenue reached 16 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of 25.1%.

as a whole, in 2013 China’s e-commerce B2B market structure is stable, the market share of each echelon continues to remain; segments continue to force, e-commerce B2B industry to enhance. 2013 is the first year of the new growth cycle of e-commerce B2B market; B2B e-commerce market in 2013 is the first year of the new growth cycle. read more

How to make a profitable pat micro shop

micro shop is still in the continuous improvement of the ecosystem, but also need more and more micro business friends to join the ranks, but the trend has been unstoppable mobile. Today, I would like to share with you a little bit of micro store operation experience, I wish the school who accounted for mobile electricity supplier opportunities.

The basic trend of

micro shop (category selection, audience age)

analysis of the operation of the micro store, first of all have to know ourselves, to know what their audience, what age the audience will be more easily through the micro shop orders, consumers buy love which category of goods. I simply use the micro shop units in our time to upload pictures of the user to let you look at, for your reference. read more

China ten years produced 32 million network

ten years, 10 million China users only 1% of e-commerce involved has been transformed into about 32000000 registered "network business", is also ten years, an independent Alibaba page has grown into a comprehensive service platform system of the world’s largest e-commerce, quarter revenues of more than 800 million yuan, the most typical case this is the ten anniversary of Chinese e-commerce.

inadvertently, people who do not understand the concept of electronic commerce, it has become a part of life China, enterprises in the promotion of products online, consumers in the home shopping, online payment, the term "electronic commerce" from fashion to popular to people used to go by, for 10 years. From e-commerce companies, online merchants and many cases, we try to comb the changes of this new business form. read more

High quality user import costs Flow into a new platform for B2C e-commerce platform

with the "open Internet plus" strategy of the big screen, online platform monopoly is much higher than the background line under the small business platform is not without opportunities? A large platform in the flow to absorb as a black hole, and through a series of layout gradually strengthen this point. How to import high-quality user base into a small business platform can not circumvent the problem.

determine the main purchasing power: 80 after 90

figures from Alibaba, 40 years of age accounted for the user’s user base of 88%. Look at the entire Internet electricity supplier environment, the majority of its user base is mainly based on 80. So how low to attract 80 after 90 this batch of online shopping the main, and to attract more extensive age group users? read more