The financial industry has become the pillar industry in our province, which accounts for 9.1% of th

financial industry has become a pillar industry in our province. Reporters learned from the provincial finance office, in 2015, the province’s financial sector added value reached 22 billion 87 million yuan, an increase of 17.9%, accounting for the proportion of the province’s GDP reached more than in 2010, up by 5.1 percentage points.

generally speaking, an increase in the value of an industry accounted for more than 5% of the region’s GDP, it can be regarded as a pillar industry. In recent years, the provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of the financial industry, a strong impetus to the healthy development of the financial sector and the real economy. Through financial investment, the development of Inclusive Finance, guide enterprises to develop direct financing and a series of initiatives in the growth of the financial industry, improve financial services at the same time, a powerful and effective way to support the development of the infrastructure and the real economy, the financial industry has become the potential of Qinghai from Qinghai’s "short leg".

last year, in the face of downward pressure on the economy continues to increase, the province’s financial sector reform and innovation, and further strengthen the economic and social development, improve the livelihood of the supporting role. Financial subjects continued to grow, the financial reform has taken new steps to asset securitization, insurance direct investment to achieve a breakthrough, the main financial indicators to achieve new breakthroughs. Data show that last year, our province deposit and loan balances both exceeded 500 billion yuan, the scale of social financing exceeded 100 billion yuan, especially the direct financing of enterprises increased by 52.4%, accounting for the proportion of social financing scale increased from 4.1% in 2010 to 43.7%, the stable operation of the financial sector for steady growth and adjust the structure to provide strong support. As of the end of last year, the province’s financial sector added value reached 22 billion 87 million yuan, an increase of 17.9%, the contribution rate of the industry reached 42.5%, pulling the growth of the third industry by 3.7 percentage points. Through the capital orientation and the development of "green finance", the financial industry in our province has not only accelerated the pace of industrial restructuring, and the development of the financial industry itself, but also further optimize the existing industrial structure in our province.


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