Changzhou official response to school pollution incident said the standards are in line with nationa

recently appeared on the Changzhou foreign language school nearly 500 students abnormal body reports caused widespread public concern. April 18th, Changzhou foreign language school in response to pollution incidents in schools, said the school only 4 people sick leave. As for the progress of the matter, let’s look at the following media reports.

Jiangsu foreign language school surrounding environmental pollution caused by nearly 500 students continue to ferment the body of abnormal events in Changzhou. 17 evening, the Ministry of environmental protection and the Jiangsu provincial government held a special meeting to set up a joint investigation team. 18, according to the Ministry of education, state inspectors will lead to local special supervision. In addition, there are environmental organizations want to cause pollution of the chemical plant initiated public interest litigation.

, however, responded that the official day of Changzhou, as early as the end of March this year, the school has commissioned a professional testing agencies to detect air, soil and other schools, the indicators are in line with national standards and related requirements. According to media reports, the Changzhou new North District government official said, yet found CCTV reports of students suffering from leukemia.


Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of education has been involved in

17, the media reported that after the relocation of the new school of foreign languages in Changzhou, nearly 500 students appear abnormal body, individual students were diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma and other malignant symptoms. Parents suspected of all the way along the school of chemical plants contaminated plots related. The survey also found that some of the pollution of pollutants exceeding 100 thousand times.

issued a public opinion aroused widespread concern.

17 evening, the Ministry of environmental protection and the Jiangsu provincial government held a special meeting to set up a joint investigation team. 18, the Ministry of Education said that the Education Steering Committee of the office of the State Council has launched a special education supervision mechanism of major emergencies, led by state inspectors to local special supervision.


school indicators have reached

Changzhou Municipal Government Information Office informed that the Changzhou municipal government also set up a joint investigation working group to carry out the relevant investigation and disposal.

but for the Changzhou foreign language school around the problem of environmental pollution, the Changzhou municipal government responded that in February 15th this year, the school on the north side of the original Changlong, Patterson, Changyu chemical soil repair and adjustment project through acceptance, make a conclusion: the project expert group has reached the expected environmental governance effect, air quality monitoring standard completely.

and the indoor air, soil, groundwater and so on the campus is contaminated, the Changzhou municipal government also said that the school and parents were commissioned professional recommendation

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