Electricity business cat and dog war upgrade Ali, Jingdong how to snatch the next tuyere

Wall Street Journal online edition today wrote that, as China’s two largest electricity supplier giant, Alibaba and Jingdong between the cat and dog war escalating. In addition to challenges from Jingdong, jumei.com, vip.com and other vertical electric business website leader has been applying pressure to the Alibaba. In this context, the Alibaba in order to further consolidate its leading position in the whole Chinese e-commerce market, began offering a "new weapon": signed an exclusive sales agreement with well-known brands. At the end of April this year, China e-commerce company founder of Alibaba group personally, to Asia’s largest clothing maker Fast Retailing head Yanai (Tadashi Yanai) lobbying.

earlier, Fast Retailing’s well-known clothing brand (Uniqlo) began to sell products in Alibaba’s biggest rival Jingdong mall above, and the sales volume is quite popular. According to a number of informed sources, Ma and his team had promised to Ryui Masa, if the Alibaba UNIQLO platform "more loyalty", the Alibaba will give UNIQLO flagship store to bring more traffic and sales.

Founder of Alibaba

group from UNIQLO flagship store mall closed Jingdong about

in July this year, UNIQLO closed Jingdong mall above the flagship store, the reason given is stationed in the Jingdong e-business strategy does not match with the mall. Jingdong said UNIQLO necessarily due to "sales performance and related things" and closed Jingdong mall flagship store, because the brand’s demand is very strong. It declined to comment further on.

for UNIQLO tug of war shows that China e-commerce company in the world’s largest online retail market competition is intensifying. Last year, the total turnover of China’s e-commerce market reached 2 trillion and 820 billion yuan (about $441 billion).

in the past few months, the Alibaba and other shopping sites have been trying to sign an exclusive sales contract with well-known brands, or to become their new release platform, they require each platform manufacturers must provide a substantial discount, but also mutual attack interview and speech.

clearly, the Alibaba is already doing China electricity market leader, in Chinese all online shopping transactions, about 80% is completed in the Alibaba on the platform. Alibaba’s online shopping platform Taobao is to further consolidate the dominant position. Taobao above the total number of businesses reached about 8 million, many of which are operated by individuals. Jingdong mall’s online shopping platform pat network size is much smaller, but also did not disclose the exact number of businesses.

Alibaba’s Tmall mall and the gap between the mall Jingdong shrinking

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