Webmaster should use principle to do their own station

my www.soh91.cn has just been on the line for a few days, and someone came to see me advertising. And I don’t agree, because his ad needs investment, and neither can I. Just my station propaganda, are free items, including advertising, should also be free of charge. If hung up his ad, contrary to my original intention. Broke my principles of standing.

a person has principles, do stand should also have principles. I once worked as a website promotion in a hospital, which came into contact with a forum called vitiligo patients Union, which is now China’s largest vitiligo forum. But the station stationmaster never advertises, he does not want to let false advertisement harm member. I was shocked, and he said that if he wanted to advertise, he should be a millionaire a few years ago. Is this principle, let his forum popular, he didn’t do optimization, do art, although in Baidu ranking is not good, but he is still domestic has the largest membership of vitiligo forum. This is the principle of standing.

of course, we’re going to be profitable. Profitable, should also have their own principles, do not do false advertising, do not do harmful users of advertising, think about, if members come to their home, deceived. It’s an insult to your website.

in short, what to do, first of all, is a man. The same is true of standing. Welcome to my site to see, some high perspicacity. (text / Wangzhuan Admin5 starting


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