Far Fung Group help enterprises overall layout of the nternet business electricity supplier


of most of the traditional enterprises, the transformation of the Internet to break through many obstacles, not only to change the traditional way of marketing, but also to establish a supply chain system, traditional enterprises lack of professional and technical personnel, to the new electricity supplier technology is poorly understood, but also the lack of appropriate personnel to operate. Do electricity supplier is the most important thing to seize the time node, if the early spent too much time, it is likely to bring some pressure on the operation of the latter.

is a provider of e-commerce technology and service providers, can provide enterprises with upgrading and transformation services program, as well as the integration of electricity supplier technical services. Mobile providers, cross-border electricity supplier hot, it provides the opportunity for the transformation of the electricity supplier companies. As for the small and medium enterprises, resources and time are limited, the limited effort to develop their own core products is the key, and for the information infrastructure construction, the most convenient way is to pay by the electricity supplier technology professional service providers to solve.

it is because of this, many mature software enterprises choose electricity supplier technical service providers such as far Fung Group has experience in the business process of the transformation of the electricity supplier in the supply and service, as a partner to upgrade the.

with the development of the electricity supplier industry, far Fung Group has launched the B2B industry website system, Mallbuilder multiuser mall system, ShopBuilder mall system, single user O2O industry solutions, cross-border TV solutions, ERP system, BBCbuilder business solutions provider settled platform, helped many enterprises to find suitable for their business development direction.

The rise of

in the mobile wave at the same time, far Fung Group followed the trend, and pay attention to the layout of the mobile terminal business system, let not seize PC end bonus enterprises have the opportunity to turn to overtake, continue to launch Drp differential pin system, micro mall system, independent research and development of the original APP, the achievements of innovation, full force.

is worth mentioning is that the electricity supplier of Yuanfeng software system is a set of database, multi terminal layout, including the PC side, micro mall terminal, WAP terminal, APP terminal, line terminal, Webpos terminal electric touch line charging system, electric business ecosystem to help enterprises to build a three-dimensional from the Online to Offline, from direct marketing to distribution, to solve practical problems of enterprise transformation.

through the service of many companies, far Fung Group found that, all along, the company is most worried about the construction of the electricity supplier website is not only a technical problem, there is a strong demand for follow-up services. Therefore, in addition to providing high quality software products, far Fung Group and from pre-sales to customer service to provide a full range of services to meet the needs of the enterprise, provide active tracking services, take the initiative to find and solve all kinds of problems in the operation of the enterprise.

at present, the service providers have been far from the electricity supplier group has covered jewelry, finance, fresh, food, clothing, home, department stores, building materials, automotive, catering, education, hotels and other fields. Through the service for the enterprise, far abundant electricity supplier set >

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