Suning Jingdong admitted that the electricity supplier price war deposit fraud brand image

(micro-blog) launched by the Jingdong store, a great in strength and impetus electricity supplier price war Gome, Suning take that, although not yet to spell out the industry of seating, but the national development and Reform Commission and other government departments punishment may ensue. Admit that the price war is not fully fulfill the price commitment, no harm to build up the brand image, which makes the electricity supplier companies feel somewhat mixed five.

said: the price war to save three "counts"

yesterday, the NDRC price supervision and anti monopoly bureau responsible person in an interview with CCTV, Suning, Jingdong in a mall, Gome electricity supplier price war after the investigation found that the electricity supplier war price fraud, and the exposure of three "counts" price fraud: promotional price higher than the original price, not fully implement the pricing commitments, enterprises with unique commodity in price.

national development and Reform Commission refers to the price war began in mid August. At that time, Liu Qiangdong in the micro-blog CEO store Jingdong to Suning afternoon. Then, Suning mall Jingdong high-profile response to the challenge, launched online and offline commodity price. Had to rely on price war hit the country, but also take the initiative to participate in the price war.

but the fact is that although this round of price war the high degree of concern, but the promotion did not honor the commitment before the business. For example, special goods out of stock; different electricity supplier commodity coincidence rate is low.

electricity supplier: admit commodity prices are not in place

it is reported that the national development and Reform Commission sent four investigation teams before, respectively, on the electricity supplier and the price war in a number of frequent release of information to investigate the Amoy network. Yesterday, Jingdong mall, Suning and a scouring network has made a response to the NDRC’s investigation, but the tone is generally consistent.

Jingdong mall, said at the beginning of the event, Jingdong mall electricity commodity gross margin of about -8%, but there are still some goods did not reach zero gross profit. Jingdong mall has been actively cooperate with the NDRC’s investigation, and respect the findings of the ndrc. Su Ning said, actively cooperate with the national development and Reform Commission’s investigation, overall, Suning basically fulfill the promotional commitments, but there are also flawed management promotion, the company will actively adjust. However, after the initiative to join the war, the United States, yesterday chose silence. Reporters repeatedly call the relevant person in charge of the United States, but has been unable to connect.

according to the national development and Reform Commission pointed out a data distortion problem, a scouring network called the data monitoring company has been open and transparent, the future will continue to improve and enhance the analysis ability. The same as the comparison shopping website "to help buy 5" CEO Yin Rujie said, probably against the network data is inconsistent with reason or subjective factors.

industry: punishment difficult price war

in accordance with the relevant regulations, the NDRC has the right to investigate and punish price fraud, but the NDRC has not announced specific penalties. In fact, after the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said that the Ministry of Commerce has taken note of the individual major electricity supplier to take the price

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