SNS and e-commerce integration of thousands of successful sea state

company recently in the key breakthrough SNS, trying to social network marketing on the A new force suddenly rises. breakthrough, and once thought; working for the company is to develop the community as well as once hot Amoy community. Most of the time, the pure SNS company because of the large customers do not know how to profit and distressed, as e-commerce companies, but also because there are no big clients to profit and distress.

This is like the

, have the ingredients do not know how to cook, and some people did not know how to cook food, if the two fusion, its essence to its dregs, then not perfect? Therefore, SNS and B2C are hoping to get a stampede in the other half, wings, fly, but the outcome? The SNS have introduced a variety of brand advertising, group purchase, online store, and the B2C is based on SNS, SNS or self built community, improve the viscosity of the website. Does it really make a big profit,


so why is SNS so weak now?

customer habits is a very wonderful thing, in had no habits, how do you get, are good, but once the formation of a certain habit, you still think it will be very difficult to change very difficult, and now emphasize the user experience, but also in the supply and demand has changed change, users also have the right to choose, who is better, who used more smoothly, users will find who.

but we all know that we love to steal food, the past is a pleasure, an experience, a friend and friendly activities, often because of boring in real life, want to find some small stimulation of no importance, little pleasure to join the SNS, is tired of the secular reality I hope, through a simple game to get some spiritual experience and quiet, the results suddenly saw beside a large advertising banner, like watching TV watching with gusto, suddenly the commercials, or disgusting ads, only for Taiwan

immediately!The same as B2C

, whether it is to build their own SNS community or relying on others, in fact it seems the effect is not good, take the relatively the most successful Amoy community, popularity is also OK, but slowly to the latter is to vigorously promote the sellers inside and a large group of navy. Take me now in the forum to do marketing, in fact, ordinary users are very disgusted with advertising, because advertising gives people the feeling has not had introduced, but false, false, so a lot of time, we see the ads will feel very false, one would hardly see the content as KFC ads "please refer to the specific subject."


game originally very love to play, found that there are many plug-ins, or to buy the equipment to play well, can be upgraded, or more people not to play but to make money here, so I will not play this game. It is because there are too many benefits in reality

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