nternet plus to bring about change, let the traditional business model of drowning


billion euros "Internet plus" era, the users and businesses without boundaries; the layout of the mobile terminal enterprises gradually perish; the enterprise industry chain from linear to round. The future of all industry products and services with multi screen across the network platform to create a combination of user scenarios of chemical reactions arbitrary cross-border integration, a single business model will be difficult to survive.

million European network of experts the author Wang Jibin’s "Internet plus: put forward the traditional enterprise self subversion, reconstruction of organization, management of evolution and transformation of the Internet" in a Book: "when your consumers show online, fragmentation, personalization, socialization, decentralization, to the intermediary characteristics of your business, earnings will also be changed."

The boundaries between "

Internet plus" era of users and businesses of fuzzy

The domestic

"Internet plus" concept, can be traced back to the earliest November 2012 Analysys International chairman and CEO Yu Yang proposed nature of the mobile Internet. It cannot do without "Internet plus". Million European Network founder and editor Huang Yuanpu made mention of the prime minister in the government work report Internet plus "and" consumption "interactive online and offline, O2O concept to get official recognition and interpretation. Ma Huateng also said: "the Internet plus a traditional industry, what does it mean, in fact, is a representative of a capacity, or a kind of external resources and the environment, an upgrade of the industry."

"Internet plus" era, users gradually comprehensive online, the time information, and the demand will be fragmented, timely and personalized, businesses have their own community formed the inherent circle of fans, the removal of intermediary directly to the users online to provide all kinds of demand. On the contrary, the user can also become a service provider in a particular scene. The future will be a nationwide commercial era, each user can provide service ready access to services, boundaries of businesses and users gradually blurred, "service" and "service" role will be the people fully play.

"Internet plus" to the layout of the mobile terminal business gradually die

Wang Jibin said that the mobile wave, deciding between the time has come to change business forms, promote the change of business model, but also directly affect the evolution and transformation of enterprise management. In many areas, where there is no mobile terminal layout in the future will die.

consumer spending habits gradually migrate from the store to the PC side, moving from the PC end to the mobile terminal, if the business does not follow the consumer scene changes and changes will be abandoned.

in the social development process, people demand more and more, people become businessmen find opportunities to meet people’s needs, after the demand is satisfied people have higher and more segments of the demand, this cycle of business, more and more enterprises differentiation, only their own good, not good at cooperating with other parts enterprises to form a plurality of annular closed loop service interaction. This is the product of social development, its greatest advantage

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