E-commerce how to use the popularity of the SNS community to profit

our life is changing every day, when the "steal food" has become a habit of life, a demand for people’s online behavior and highlights the tremendous business opportunities when SNS meet; community (social networking sites) is popular, the new method of the new mode of social networking has become a major highlight of Internet use; now "the purchase of nine the top" fusion community and the advantages of e-commerce, bring new users to "play" "buy" experience, as the new darling of the price comparison leisurely community’s network, a purchase of nine top plays a touchstone role, SNS community mode and electronic commerce industry is bound to bring more new growth point.

The catalysis of

e-commerce on SNS community

The development of

e-commerce in the China won warm applause from the electronic commerce, go through the Chinese more than and 10 years, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain new business opportunities, it can effectively compensate for the disadvantages of small and medium-sized enterprises in market competition, to have more opportunities to cooperate and negotiate with the industry. The SNS community in the history of development of the electronic commerce to Chinese not early, but the SNS community with high popularity and unique mode of transmission are under way on the Internet in the rapid exaggeration and penetration, in 2009, you may not know happy net, but you don’t know in 2010 this is the leisurely community, SNS community the advantage of communication.

imagine if the e-commerce and the SNS community, the two most powerful combination of the top two, the catalytic role between the two will contain great potential. Leisurely community in the early development of net price comparison idea is the combination of electronic commerce and community community mode, once the line is welcomed, new registered users of record highs, leisurely community goal is for the user to create Chinese largest e-commerce community.

buy a top nine buy family community shopping experience

was once addicted to "steal food" Miss Chen recently every day to browse leisurely community about the community "the purchase of nine top new top products purchased, and invite a few friends in the top online purchase, adding" top purchase group "ranks" top purchase will allow us to experience the fun of the game and it can experience the pleasure of shopping with "this is the voice of many top online purchase group.

is a top nine purchase form one of the major characteristics of e-commerce applications using the SNS community, a purchase of nine top in short is a sponsor of the top drive people merger this process the ultimate success of a few top products. One of the key is to buy a top nine provided by the purchase of the product is completely free, which is attractive to the user’s SNS community is also the largest.

business profit model of community leisurely open innovation

leisurely community exploration fusion SNS community and the electronic commerce, not only brought about a new experience for the user, more breakthrough the traditional marketing mode of Internet businesses, with the use of in-depth, the dominant position of the traditional marketing has been the impact of the network, with the characteristics of fast speed, wide spread through the Internet, such as the obvious synergism and quickly set off a wave.

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