High quality user import costs Flow into a new platform for B2C e-commerce platform

with the "open Internet plus" strategy of the big screen, online platform monopoly is much higher than the background line under the small business platform is not without opportunities? A large platform in the flow to absorb as a black hole, and through a series of layout gradually strengthen this point. How to import high-quality user base into a small business platform can not circumvent the problem.

determine the main purchasing power: 80 after 90

figures from Alibaba, 40 years of age accounted for the user’s user base of 88%. Look at the entire Internet electricity supplier environment, the majority of its user base is mainly based on 80. So how low to attract 80 after 90 this batch of online shopping the main, and to attract more extensive age group users?

approach to attract user groups: individual character rule

American columnist Malcolm · in the "tipping point" in the refining of the three conditions: the individual character of the law, adhesion factors, environmental power law of the. When some opinion leaders or social genius to participate in the dissemination of infectious information, and this information is just in line with the needs of society at that time, the epidemic will form. I believe many people still remember the "original life" to "Chu orange" sold "inspirational orange" hot Carnival event, fresh "was living" is the use of laws of individual characters. When the popular into purchasing power, the results will be immeasurable.

approach to attracting user groups: adhesion and environment – Mobile Traffic

it may be said, we do not like the "Chu orange" Zhu Shijian’s story, how marketing? This involves Malcolm Gladwell mentioned · and the environment problem of adhesion.

in the Internet environment, the mobile phone traffic has become a necessity for people, especially after 90 80 people, if the electricity supplier platform as a platform to attract users when the adhesion factor, the effect can be imagined. Today, mobile phone traffic has become the preferred way to reward the marketing of many commercial activities do, for example, the United States online "new user registration traffic sent to 50M activities, simple form, user participation enthusiasm, within two days, the number of new users of more than 15000; vip.com launched the" new members for the first time shopping gift 200M traffic "activities effectively to increase the amount of new members and single conversion rate.


mobile phone traffic should be the most widely used method of incentive marketing, and its cost is relatively low. Full coupon seems to be similar to the mobile phone traffic package, but the actual effect is not as good as the cost of traffic and reward. Under the existing line of promotion, from the media promotion, advertising promotion, to join the mobile phone traffic packages to attract and stimulate more users to participate in interactive, effectively improve the conversion rate and reduce conversion costs. In addition, the mobile traffic incentives, businesses can get the user’s real phone number, convenient for the latter two marketing. From this point of view

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