Micro-blog marketing success pulled up a new era of network

with the rise of micro-blog, people began to use micro-blog to market its products through this channel to spread and affect everyone, this is not only a trend but also a new consumption change in this has 338 million users of the Internet country, people are increasingly dependent on the network, the Internet has what one sees and hears a direct result of the purchase of our consciousness, so it produces a modern marketing of micro-blog


modern popular with the words "when your fans more than 100, you are a magazine, when more than 1000 people you are a bulletin board, but when you are more than ten thousand people, you are a magazine, when you are more than one hundred thousand people you are a metropolis daily, but when you’re over one million of you is a national newspaper, when you are over 10 million, you have the equivalent of a television influence, so when you are more than one hundred million of you have the equivalent of CCTV’s influence, although just a laugh, but also the micro-blog propaganda and influence the value of


now some brand shops and companies are using micro-blog to gather popularity, good use of a propaganda pattern such as brand image, not only let more consumers understand the brand of products so that they are familiar with their own products concern, although micro-blog marketing and now the traditional media, professional websites and forums than micro-blog’s relatively. The power is still relatively weak, but now micro-blog will become a hot new marketing mode, this advantage is also the other media can not match! Because micro-blog not only offers the individual right to speak of the opportunity is to businesses and brand shops have the right to speak in the media but also reduces the chance of the platform cost plus 80 now, 90 are fond of using micro-blog to understand the market so in order to seize these potential consumers psychological characteristics, only music Intended to try and promote micro-blog


now is not only the brand businesses using micro-blog to attract business, even micro-blog Master also use its own platform led farmers to get rich, micro-blog Master Li Huiji used micro-blog this platform in last year’s summer selling a tonic, and is the peak of this humble micro-blog let Li Huiji sales reached a late can buy more than and 300 bowls, and this year Li Huiji will use micro-blog to sell native egg, customers not only from the original scattered users to now Telecom, Netcom customers, business is bigger and bigger, not only is the network of people, is a small bookstore also use micro-blog to promote their own businesses, because are aware of micro-blog’s reputation was spread by word of mouth accumulate popularity much faster, as bookstore owner Mr Cheung said: "in the face of the entity bookstore online bookstore Impact, can not wait passively, but should follow the trend, the initiative to use the power of the network."

micro-blog marketing has successfully made major brands and consumers have intimate contact, such as three yuan of milk by micro-blog marketing success in micro-blog online activities, not to mention the other big and small enterprises in the use of micro-blog marketing, micro-blog.

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