Pull hook net 5 million hard hit recruitment week doing under the pull hook competitive attitude

Abstract: pull the hook so much movement, is gathered, the moment the outbreak. The absolute, is the industry leader, the symposium I have managed; lost, it must affect the whole year marketing plan to pull the hook, vertical recruitment industry competition, more bloody.

the network recently launched the "storm recruitment week", said a total of thirty-three thousand enterprises will participate together in a week. The so-called thirty-three thousand families, a small explosion that is currently all registered companies pull hook online number, really participate in this week’s storm, certainly not so much. Otherwise, this scale can be called the largest recruitment job in the Internet industry so far. read more

Why talk about network marketing keep going by painstaking effort

the problem is many enterprises face the problem, there are many enterprises before the friend told us: we have done a lot of websites, even hundreds!!! Above all our products, we also have contact, but still no effect!!! What is the reason this will be


the concept of what? Do you dare to believe! Even done hundreds of websites! I really want to ask you to do the reverse, hundreds of website < business platform; >, your pay is how much effort and cost? What are your goals? Are you doing you are on the Internet? What are your expectations of the market effect? What is your current results? The theory to return you to the market what kind of reaction? For e-commerce, network business platform and how did you understand? read more

New sites how to assess the potential of links

exchange links is one of the required courses for every webmaster. Link exchange is the basic principle of the two sides in the weight, collection, snapshot and other aspects of the difference is not large, and content relevance is strong. Based on this point, for the beginning of the site, there are not many gorgeous indicators, want to change to high-quality friendship link is very difficult. Therefore, the new station should abandon panlongfufeng when exchanging links, focus more on the potential to rise on a chain. So, how do you assess the potential of a link, read more

The three core operations perspective, frame, and direction

insight into the truth. For "writing" this behavior, different people adopt different strategies to deal with, for students is writing, education and examination, for businessmen in order to meet market demand. This shows that the same thing will have different perspectives. Above the water part very easy observation and change. But the real body is the underwater part, which is difficult to observe, but very stable, and is called the iceberg model in psychology. The iceberg model can explain a lot of things, such as humanity, such as occupation, work, but it is a pity that most people are still very easy by the small part above the water to attract. read more

Tips to give yourself the reverse link station

station to exchange links, is a kind of optimization way every webmaster want to do the most, in the developed technology, the network has become increasingly fierce competition, improve the weight of their own website, users do the most love the content is king, what IP, the PR value, will we stand in the station. The door.

of course, isn’t there a way out,



is the link! There will be some tips on your own and we share together.

forums actual flow of people are larger than the general station, they are worthy of the name of the major stations. We might as well focus our attention on them – forums. read more

One of the web’s ideas how to read the user’s needs


website is born to users, we will consider a lot of issues when they operate the web site for example, why our site, why should the user to log in, why go to the registered members, why long-term use it, these are the website managers must consider the problem:

one, how to read the user’s needs,


nowadays many people online, can be roughly divided into the following several types: information, entertainment, friends, business operations and so on, firstly, we analyse the several types of general psychological needs is what? A data query: this type of crowd is mainly through the search engine to query, they do not the demand of fixed on the website, as long as the usual demand what knowledge will by Baidu, Google, Sogou search engine to search what you want to achieve something. Two Entertainment: this type of people usually have a fixed entertainment platform, such as QQ entertainment platform, distributed network entertainment platform, and so on some fixed entertainment platform, their main source is introduced through friends, search or interest, to achieve a kind of entertainment, the user is relatively stable. Three friends, this part of the user, at the same time usually fixed on a dating platform above, when after a certain period of time, the need to reach the ideal requirements, will be transferred to other platforms, so users of this type of general life only in about three months. Four is the enterprise operation, this part of the user, generally will not stop looking for a high degree of active sites, they mainly through some links, advertising, soft Wen propaganda reached agreement, is to carry out regular maintenance, these types of people of their life are generally about 1 years. There are other, such as members of the forum, as well as a shopping mall members, members of the QQ, Taobao members, all of them support their login to the purpose, is a shortcut, applicable and convenient. read more

Experience in the operation of local service websites (1)

I’ve read a lot of articles, often criticized several major domestic portal websites and portals, said the market, the small website of a lot of new is in the possession of a space for one person, others do blog portal also do blog, others do video, also do video portal. Such a situation, so many webmaster helpless. Found that many webmaster always like to take the biggest advantage of others and others to spell. I think the train of thought is very unnecessary. Do web site, whether it is to do local sites or what site, the first choice must not and others spell other people’s advantage, so the failure is certain, and will defeat very miserably. This station is certainly no way out to go. read more

[originality] how does the local information website survive in the cracks

after ten years of rapid development, the change of the Internet business Chinese turn the world upside down, the popularity of the Internet has opened up a new market, the governors, hero in this huge territory, fighting game. After ten years of development and evolution, the formation of the Internet market pattern in Pyramid shape now: stand in the spire is one of a handful of super large portals, national news portal in the tower in the local information portal, the number with the background of large-scale industry portals and many well-known national minority community the site, in the bottom of the tower is a large number of individuals or small and medium-sized companies operating various types of local information websites, industry websites and countless individual stations. read more

Many webmaster is very silly, very naive

met many webmaster friends, they all think to do a website can make money immediately, that seems like a very simple thing, then see others get the website and follow suit, a friend of mine made a workplace www.worker8.cn class website until October of this year on the line. I asked him what the purpose of the station was. He said he wanted to make some money.

I asked, "how do you make money on your website?".

he said, I just want to manage, every day there are updated sites, more content, there should be good traffic bar, but the site for the crowd is relatively fixed, advertising should be better, pull it. read more

Do web sites that have freshness to retain users

happy nets just launched, the farm stealing food, parking spaces for parking spaces, friends buy and sell a series of games by a lot of people’s attention and love, almost everyone has an account. Every day thinking about how to steal food, how to fight for parking spaces, how to buy and sell friends, the soaring virtual assets on the Internet, people’s satisfaction is getting stronger and stronger, many people are fully committed to the game. At that time, people said, "happy net" is very happy. read more