Tesla Resolves 655000 Clerical Error With State Of Nevada

As the state of Nevada heads to court to collect a reported unpaid bill, Tesla quickly resolves the issue.According to Bloomberg, a Tesla spokesperson explained that after Tesla integrated SolarCity employees, the company began conversations with the state of Nevada pertaining to newly required contributions to unemployment insurance. Apparently, the automaker’s financial responsibility increased, but its recent quarterly contributions didn’t reflect the change.Related Content: Tesla Model 3 Production Shortage Lawsuit Dismissed Tesla Gigafactory Production Process Is Futuristic And Fascinating Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 12, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Tesla Pays Its Own Salespeople In $1 Million Lawsuit Settlement Nevada officials headed to court to collect some $655,000 in unemployment tax monies, which were reportedly unpaid by the Silicon Valley company. Just one day later, Tesla resolved the situation.An official document related to the state’s filing shows that Tesla’s unemployment tax payment was short at the end of the first and second quarters of 2018. The document shows that Tesla had $68 million in taxable wages for Q1 and $55 million in Q2. However, the amount that was paid didn’t add up to what was expected based on the new responsibility for the additional employees.The Tesla spokesperson made it clear that this situation occurred due to a clerical error and that the company immediately initiated payment to account for the shortage.Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Rosa Mendez also confirmed that the state reached out to Tesla and the error was being taken care of.Source: Bloomberg read more