Re-zoning of R1

first_imgDear Editor:After attending several useless hearing for application for continued variances detrimental to our settled neighborhood (non-landmarked part of Hamilton Park), I have accused the committee of essentially re-zoning the neighborhood without actually doing so, by means of allowing numerous new buildings seriously out of scale and proportion with surrounding homes.And now we receive notification from Ms. Osborne frankly admitting such a practice, wrongly presuming that an official re-zoning is now called for, and is planned this fall. Given this series of coercive steps, I shall formulate the following reply from this taxpayer an opinion surely shared, in various degrees by many residents.1) The Board has been blatantly disregarded their sworn duty to enforce existing laws, which are there to protect residents from finding their homes overwhelmed by over sized buildings, bringing the density to an even more suffocating level. These buildings seem to be forced on us without even receiving off-street parking, indeed, directed to have no parking. This most unwanted evolution will surely bring the same soul-less canyons of unbroken, tall buildings that have degraded Hoboken, not to forget the plethora of brash and expensive restaurants and bars that mistakenly assume that this shallow, commercial culture is desired by all be assured that this is not the case.2) The Board has allowed well-paid legal representatives to further the interests of their developer clients by presenting all kinds of “alternative facts” about non-existent transportation and parking options (1 zipcar = x parking places (!)) That goes unquestioned by the Board, which then passively approves the request in spite of several neighbors to the properties who voiced clear opposition. Jersey City has no real ability to increase train or tunnel capacity, 2nd as such, should be setting firm limits on CAREFUL development that does not destroy our quality of life.3) Therefore, the proposal to re-zone R1 deserves a firm no-rezoning, strict enforcement of existing laws, no more variances. The electorate should accept nothing less from officials charged with representing our rights and interests. I call on all residents of this zone to join me in voicing their similar objections to this dereliction of responsibility. Sincerely,Basil Kyriakoulast_img read more